Top 5+ Best Apps for Keeping Your Child Safe Online

The internet has become a valuable resource for both adults and children alike over the years. More and more children these days are going online on a regular basis and through the use of a variety of different internet enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, netbooks, laptops, and desktop computers. But Every year, thousands of children go missing. A report reveals that a child goes missing in the UK every 3 minutes and the travesty is getting worse. Since following your children everywhere they go is your kids‘ worst nightmare, keep your youngsters safe with these must-have apps for your Smartphones and Tablets.

For children, the internet is a tool that offers educational resources, entertainment, social and communication facilities, and more. However, it is also a place that can have danger lurking around every corner, with children at risk from everything ranging from unsuitable content and privacy breaches through to cyberbullying and more. These top 5 ultimate App for kids turn Smartphones and Tablets into kids’ friendly devices for playing and learning.

Protect your child online with appropriate apps

One of the ways in which parents can help to keep their kids safer online is through the use of appropriate apps, which can be easily installed to provide enhanced protection in a number of different ways. From GPS monitoring to devices to smoke alarms that use the parents’ voices as alerts, there are some top tech apps to keep your kids safe. Some of the apps that can help to provide protection for children online include:

Vodafone Guardian

The Vodafone Guardian app is an ideal tool for parents, offering a variety of functions and capabilities to help them keep their kids safe when using internet enabled technology. Parents can restrict or block access to the Internet via the app, as well as restricting or blocking access to other features such as app downloading or usage, Bluetooth, SMS, and even camera functionality, thus restricting what their kids can and cannot do online.


The MobileMinder app is a parental control solution that enables parents to decide on the type of content and features that their child can use or access online. This is an app that is simple to use and provides parents with greater peace of mind whilst restricting what kids are able to access and view when online.

Kid Mode

The Kid Mode app is a free app and is useful if your children use your internet devices to get online. This app enables your kids to access certain appropriate content and features but will not let them do things such as access other apps, delete your mails, or accidentally make purchases online.


This app offers a range of restrictions that parents can put into place in order to minimize the risk of security of safety issues for their children. This includes restricting certain categories, getting internet activity reports, placing time restrictions on internet use, and filtering You Tube content.

Safe Eyes Mobile

This is a mobile app for the iPhone, and it enables parents to better control what kids are able to access on their smartphones. This includes using filtering and blocking to restrict access to certain content and using categories to block or allow content.

My Mobile Watchdog

This app can help to enhance peace of mind for parents by providing alerts in relation to potentially inappropriate texts, videos, and photos as well as the use of phone numbers that are not part of the child’s master contact list and are therefore classed as unauthorized.

These are just six of the many apps that are available these days to help make the internet a safer and more enjoyable place for kids to spend time.

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  1. Praise says:

    wow! great list you shared here and great apps also will go use them when i need them.

  2. is this work for android platform??
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  3. Spy says:

    It was great to know that technology help us to monitor the safety of our love ones. most specially our children..
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  4. Jun says:

    Wow! all this apps will surely be helpful for us to protect our child online. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Ron says:

    Great info and list! We had a central family computer so were able to monitor our children’s activity as it was in an open area in the family living area. We didn’t get them cell phones until they were much older, but know this is something to be concerned about. Now they are adults but we do have a grand baby on the way so this is definitely a list we will keep on hand!
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