Top 5 Best iPhone 5 Cases and Covers

Got your hands on a shiny new iPhone 5? Be smart and protect your iPhone. The Apple iPhone 5 was released to huge fanfare and thousands of users purchased new the newly redesigned gadget with high hopes of getting new accessories for the iPhone 5 very soon. The iPhone 5 was redesigned with a new ergonomic form factor that was announced the day of the release to the general public causing third party vendors not get a chance to get a sneak peak of early design specification for the newly designed iPhone 5 until release day. Apple did this to ensure they had an upper hand in all of the official Apple peripheries since the official iPhone accessories would be the only ones that actually worked with the iPhone 5 from day one. Soon enough, however, third party vendors have started releasing their accessories, cases and covers for Apple’s newest flagship gadget.

The iPhone 5 is a stunning piece of machinery. Now imagine dropping it. Apple’s new baby stands up to knocks fairly well, but even a scuff or a scratch on a half-grand device is going to grate. Isn’t it time you put a case on it? What’s the best iPhone case? It is very hard to say because everybody has different tastes in cases but if you are planning to buy one to keep your new iPhone 5 in pristine and shiny condition one of these top 5 best iPhone 5 cases will do the job.

Scosche Leather Case

Scosche has been known for their classy leather iPhone cases, and with the iPhone 5 they continue to offer their line of fancy leather cases that make you look like part of the upper crust. The Scosche cases currently only come in black but may offer other colors in the near future. The cases offer access to the volume control and lighting port.

Heavy Duty OtterBox Cases

The OtterBox Defender and the OtterBox Commuter Series cases for the iPhone allow second to none industrial strength protection for even the most accident prone among us, or those who need to work in hard core industrial environments such as construction sites or road crews. The Otterbox shell is made out of heavy duty silicone and comes in two pieces that includes a military grade self adhesive screen cover. The OtterBox Defender comes equipped with a belt holster that swivels to the left or the right, or to the up and down persuasion, depending on your individual preference.

Wallet Case from Targus

If you are interested in carrying your phone as a kind of new stand in for your wallet, the Wallet Case from Targus does a good job of letting you get rid of your old leather relic. The Wallet Case includes a patent pending flip compartment for storing your credit cards, ID or driver license or even a handful of business cards. If you still have a strong attachment to that leathery wallet look, the Targus Wallet Case comes in faux leather and is available in black, blue and merlot.

Macally Folio Stand Case

The Folio Stand Case by Macally is great for the book worms among you who like to exude a more bookish feel to your iPhone 5, especially if you find yourself spending most of your screen time in front of the iPhone’s e-reader functionality. The faux leather case includes an ingenious system for keeping your phone locked whether you have the case opened or closed, allowing you to view your phone hands free. It comes in two tone red and white or black and white color options.

iLuv Pulse Case

If two tone colors and popping graphics are your thing, check out the iLuv line of iPhone 5 cases. The iLuv Pulse case provides a colorful rubber casing that gives an interesting neon contrast to your iPhone that is sure to catch attention. The two tone rubber design also acts as a great shock absorbent.

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Author Bio: This Post is authorized by Jason Phillips. He is a technology blogger and a gadget freak. He has a deep knowledge about how to protect your gadget. He advises to use iPhone 5 screen protectors for iPhone 5 screen protection.

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