Top 5 Best Laptops That Money Can Buy In 2011

The most common question we get around here is simple — ‘What laptop (netbook computer) should I buy?‘ Choosing a laptop should never been a rushed decision. Laptops are often expensive, and simply choosing one because it is lightweight or have the look that you desire could have profound consequences later on. To make sure that you purchase the laptop that will have the look you desire and be able to operate under the conditions you need it to, always thoroughly review your laptops of interest. A few of our top favorite five laptops for 2011 include:

Apple MacBook Pro

As much as we would all love to see a laptop that out performs Apple’s MacBook Pro, it doesn’t look like we will see it anywhere in the near future. No matter which of the numerous laptop reviews you are scouring through, nearly all of them will say that the MacBook is the best laptop on the market. The only laptop that has been able to outdo the MacBook Pro has been the most recent version of this laptop. It literally has it all – great memory, an excellent processor, good graphics, and even a long battery life.

HP Envy

When it comes to PC laptops, the HP Envy is one of the most efficient on the market. Not only does it have an i7 processor, but it also comes standard with 6GB DDR3 RAM. This laptop also has a sleek design to suite its powerful and modern interior design.

Alienware M11X

If you are big in to gaming, then the Alienware M11X is for you. This laptop offers great graphics and a long battery life so you can game where ever you like without having to worry about plugging in.


Lightweight, compact, and 12.5 hours of battery life make this laptop a crowd favorite. It’s a great laptop for grabbing on the go, and because of its long-lasting battery life, you are able to work anywhere for an extended period of time without even having to consider looking for an outlet. The ASUS UL30A also has an abundance of memory and 4GB RAM which is great for a laptop of its size. And to top everything up, this laptop’s battery life is top-notch and better than industry average.

Dell Inspiron i14R

Dell laptops have been a long-standing favorite of professionals and students alike because of their efficiency and relatively low costs. The Dell Inspiron i14R is our favorite in particular because it is incredibly fast and has an abundance of memory, and is easily affordable.

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