Top 5 Cool Tips to Keep Your iPhone 5 in Best Condition

With the unlocked iPhone 5 priced at least $649, and with all the aspects of your life that you use it with, of course, you wouldn’t want to lose your new gadget to iPhone repair less than a month after it has been released. However, without proper care and maintenance, you’d most likely be in danger of exactly that. As Apple lovers eagerly prepare to get their hands on the newest addition to the iPhone range, which is set the perfect launch to rival Samsung, Nokia and HTC, many are already focusing on iPhone 5 tips and tricks and ways to keep their iPhone 5 in pristine condition.

For example, have you heard about iPhone 5 units getting scratched on the aluminum side panels? Well, if you carry your iPhone in a pocket next to change or keys, it’s probably a good idea to stop doing that. To get you closer to the safe side, here are top 5 best tips to keep your iPhone 5 in tip top shape.

1. Get Your iPhone Protected

Make sure your phone has screen protectors for both the front and the rear. These are important to make sure your phone remains scratch-free. They also help protect your screen from moisture, dirt, and some sprays or droplets of water. An Invisible SHIELD is always my top recommended accessory for almost any bit of tech; the good ones are military-grade, ultra tough and thin protective film that stick to your iPhone 5’s screen and wards off fingerprints, scuffs and scratches.

Aside from screen protectors, you’d also need a case. Whether it’s made of plastic, rubber or any material, make sure it can absorb most of the impact in case your phone falls or hits something hard. It is advisable to pick a case that has covering even for the front, or at least, lip lining on the edges so your screen doesn’t directly touch the table surface when it’s upside down.

2. Clean Your Phone Regularly

Always have a piece of microfiber cloth at the ready. Regularly wipe your screen with it to remove moisture, oil, and dirt. Remove your case at least once a week and wipe the sides and the back of your phone to remove dirt that may have deposited in these areas. You can use straw or a can of compressed air to blow off dust that you couldn’t reach with the cloth, especially in the mic and speaker holes. Clean your case too, especially the insides.

3. Keep Your Phone Cool

At times, your iPhone can get abnormally hot due to a number of reasons, such as exposure to heat or direct sunlight, too much use, or being left in a car or room on a very hot day. When this happens, let your phone cool down first before using it. You can place it somewhere a little cooler or turn it off.

4. Download Apps and Media files only from reliable and trusted sources

This is to avoid getting your phone infected by malware or other things that could damage your phone’s software. In case this happens, you can attempt to remove the infected file and/or reboot your phone.

5. Conserve your iPhone’s Battery Life

Protect your phone’s battery from early degradation by always charging it properly, making sure it gets discharged enough before plugging it, and completely charged before pulling out the charger. Remember to hold the handle instead of pulling the cord to avoid damaging your phone charger. Make it a habit to keep only the important applications running, especially on standby to make your battery life last longer.

Other than those things, avoid putting your iPhone in compromising places. Cliché-ish though it may sound, prevention is indeed better than cure. So to prevent any troublesome incident from happening to your phone, keep it away from dangerous places—near liquids or fire, under the sun, at the edge of the table, etc.

Proper usage is one of the things that could make a gadget like iPhone 5 last a long time. As long as you know how to take care of your gadget, you can be sure to enjoy it as much as you want and as long as you want.

Guest Article: This is submitted by Jade Grimstone of Fix-iPhones and RepairLabs.


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