Top 5 Multi-Purpose Budget Laptops in 2013

Looking to Find and compare the best Budget Laptops and Netbooks by brand, price, size, storage, and memory? We tested some of the most impressive budget laptops in every category so you can find the perfect one for you. If you need an affordable, portable laptop, a netbook isn’t always your best option.  The real question comes of reliability and longevity – without doubt IBM and Toshiba used to came top in any list but ‘Which laptop to buy on a tight budget’ can be a challenging question to begin with. So, are you looking for  top all-purpose cheap Laptops? These low cost cheap laptops/notebooks are usually quite affordable and offer more selections for hardware and features than smaller laptops. Great for daily use, students, and users requiring better performance than ultra-portables can offer.

Whether you need a cheap laptop for browsing and emailing or a higher spec model for playing video games, there’s a budget option out there for everyone. We’ve scoured the internet and found five great options for under £500, with all laptops available from online retailer Ebuyer – so take a look and see which one would suit you best.

Browsing and Email (Acer Aspire V5)

If most of your PC time is spent on low-performance tasks like catching up with friends and browsing webpages, you’ll easily find something within a low price range. Go for something light and durable, to make it easy to carry around – we recommend the Acer Aspire V5, an ultra-slim and incredibly lightweight model with a crisp 14-inch screen and built-in webcam for easy chatting with friends and family. It won’t play the best games, but it’s beautifully designed and will slip into a bag or rucksack without adding too much extra weight – so you can carry your life around with you.

Working from Home (Lenovo Essential B590)

While professional laptops don’t need all the bells and whistles, they do need to run smoothly and help you make an impact at work. There are other things to take into consideration, too; if you need a work laptop chances are you’ll be carrying it around with you, so it needs to be durable enough to withstand business trips, but comfortable enough to use throughout the day. The Lenovo Essential B590 is a great choice, offering a great design and plenty of flexibility – all at a great price.

Watching TV and Movies (Lenovo IdeaPad Z585)

If you’re planning on streaming most of your TV and film with a service like Netflix, or you’re intending to use your laptop as a portable DVD player, you’ll want something with a nice big screen and good sound output to ensure you can enjoy your video wherever you choose to watch it. We recommend another Lenovo, this time the IdeaPad Z585, which come with audio-visual optimization software and a quad-core processor to ensure nothing gets between you and a good movie.

Editing Photos and Videos (Acer Aspire V3)

Photographers and media types will want to look for a laptop that allows you to make edits on the go – after all, it’s a slow process, so having a laptop capable of taking the strain will make the world of difference. Make sure your laptop also has an output for an external monitor, so that when you are at a workstation you can plug in and double up your work space. We recommend the Acer Aspire V3 – with an Intel Core i7 processor, it’ll manage photo-rendering well, and the multi-gesture touchpad will make it easy to browse your collection.

Gaming (Asus K55VD)

Unless you can afford something like a souped-up Alienware laptop, chances are you won’t get the newest triple-A games running on any laptop. However, a decent budget model will enable you to play thousands of PC games, whether you’re looking for old classics, quirky indie titles or just a portable LAN machine. The Asus K55VD is a great build for gaming, with an NVIDIA GeForce GT610M graphics card and Intel’s core i5 processor giving you plenty of power for hours of play time – just make sure you pick up a USB mouse to go with it!


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