What Is the Best Way to Buy a Computer on a Budget?

Looking to buy the best budget PC/laptop/notebook? A computer purchase can be inexpensive if you know how to configure a cheap desktop PC that will fit your budget. When you are getting ready to buy a computer with limited funds, just remember that there is always a solution to every computer purchasing problem. However, the most important parts to check when choosing a laptop are the components that are hard to upgrade: the processor, screen and graphics card. Paying a little more for a machine with a newer processor is often wise, as it’ll be more future-proof.

The best place to start when buying a computer on a budget is a larger computer manufacturer. When you stick with a large manufacturer, you can leverage the company’s buying power to your advantage. Your components will cost less and you will get the highest quality possible with your limited financial resources.


Intel is a great choice for a processor. But if you are on a budget and not going to do perform any high-CPU consuming activities like day-trading, then it is good to know that you can choose another high quality processor and still get the speed you are looking for. Intel it still the high water mark in processors, but the competition has made huge strides in offering inexpensive alternatives. You will not be sacrificing speed when you choose any processor that a reputable computer manufacturer offers you.

Software Packages

Unfortunately, grabbing good hardware’s only half the battle. Big software manufacturers will happily relieve you of any leftover cash in exchange for their wares.

But luckily, aside from your operating system and your antivirus software, the rest of your software is optional. Instead of clicking on a software package without reading it, you should first make certain that you will use the titles you are paying for. If you do not need a particular software package, then keep your computer pricing low by not adding the package to your system. The same goes for anti-virus/spyware and other security software. Don’t be scared into buying big corporate programs. Check out their no-spend equivalents in the Free Anti-Virus & Safety Software guide.

Sound and Video

When you are on a budget, you need to expect that you will not be getting the most up to date sound and video cards in your system. However, the larger computer manufacturers offer motherboards with quality sound and video cards built into the system.

When you get sound and video built into your motherboard, just be certain that you have plenty of system memory to give your computer the speed you need. System memory is less expensive than separate audio and video cards. So you will be enjoying a cost savings when you use integrated functions in your computer.


A basic computer that uses basic computer speakers gives extremely full sound. Unless you have a specific program where you need true surround sound, you can save yourself a lot of money on your computer configuration by going with the basic speakers that often come with the system.

Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

People love getting a wireless mouse and keyboard with their computer system, but there is really no need for it. Substituting the standard mouse and keyboard with a wireless system costs more money. In the end, the corded mouse and keyboard are more than adequate.

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When you use these configuration suggestions, you will be able to get the PC you want within your budget. Remember that you can upgrade your computer later as you are financially able. As long as you have a good computer to start with, then you will get your money’s worth.


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