UK Mobile Retail Giant Dialaphone Sponsors Premier League Darts Tournament

Over the years, the mobile phone retail market has proved to be one of the most diverse and difficult audiences to satisfy. With people from all walks of life demanding different features on their phones, it can be very tricky to rely on one brand to provide what any given customer needs.

In becoming the Official Mobile Partner of the 2011 Premier League Darts, UK mobile retailer Dialaphone has settled on just the event it believes signifies the brand’s new direction. The partnership will see Dialaphone occupy a prominent position within online and offline promotion of the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) tournament, as well as the visibility afforded by a high profile deal of this nature.

Their Online Marketing Manager Adam Cartlidge said: “We’re very proud to be associated with Premier League Darts and this partnership marks a return to prominent exposure for the brand, and arrives in conjunction with a magnitude of marketing initiatives which aim to reposition Dialaphone back at the head on the online mobile phone retailer table.”

They undoubtedly believe that by becoming the Official Mobile Sponsors for the event they will gain exposure to the sport’s new fan base, a fan base which they feel has become more sophisticated and represents the modern smartphone market.

The phenomenal success of Premier League Darts and the high profile it occupies in the sporting calendar allows Dialaphone, as ‘Official Mobile Partner’, to gain exposure to the sport’s new fan base, a fan base which we feel perfectly represents that of the smartphone market.

Past misconceptions about the Darts crowd have now long since diminished, and the new prominence of the affluent information hungry male is now in place. These are guys who want the latest technology and gadgets, but are savvy enough to realise the best mobile phone deals are online.

In conjunction with the PDC event, Dialaphone offered free tickets to this week’s Premier League Darts opening night. Entrants were asked to suggest names for the Dialaphone Darts Team, who were subsequently inundated with ideas including ‘Home Is Where The Dart Is’ and ‘Dartistic License’. With similar partnership opportunities in the pipeline, Dialaphone fully expects to ride the
new wave of smartphone-savvy users seeking a new edge to their entertainment and, dare we say it, a double-top night out.

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