When to Upgrade Games Consoles and Gadgets?

Technology moves at quite a pace. On the one hand that’s great because we’re living in a time of unprecedented technological advancement. Things are possible now that twenty, ten or even five years ago would have seemed impossible. Just look at what your average Smartphone can do these days compared to what mobile phones (or even PCs) were capable of ten years ago.

What this means on a personal level is that gadgets and consoles which you buy now might not be at the technological cutting edge in a year’s time. That poses the tricky question for the gaming and gadget fans amongst us – how often do I upgrade? Should I always be ahead of the game and getting my hands on the very latest consoles or PC or should I wait for the next edition in the series that will undoubtedly be better? Saving money to upgrade when next upgraded gaming console (Sony PS4 or Microsoft xBox Kinect 720) is released? Deciding how often you should Upgrade your Games Consoles and Gadgets can be tricky.

Tips to Consider While Upgrading Games Consoles and Gadgets

There are so many factors to consider here. Firstly, there is the financial element. Staying up to date is expensive. Shelling out a few hundred pounds once a year might be okay to get the latest consoles, but when you have to do the same for your phone, your smart TV and everything else, it starts to become ridiculous.

You also have to keep in mind the timetable of the companies we’re talking about here. Anyone who decided not to purchase the Playstation 3, thinking there would be a fourth model out a few months later, were sorely disappointed and in for a long wait. Over five years later, we’re still waiting for number four. It’s sure to be good but will it be worth the wait? Do your research and find out what is being released and when. This might give you a better idea of what you really need to get your hands on.

It’s also worth keeping in mind what is going to be supported and for how long. Apple has a reputation for supporting certain products for certain periods, which might impact your decision to upgrade.

There is, however, a way to stay ahead of the game and not get caught out by finances or the timetables of the technology firms themselves. If you’re clever about what you buy and know where to sell it on, you can reduce your expenditure and stay up to date with the latest gadgets and consoles. If you sell your old Nintendo Wii or other games console for example you can recoup some of your money to reinvest. This way you get the best of all possible worlds without spending a fortune. The best part is that you won’t’ ever have to miss out, so by the time you’re friends are talking about the latest game you’ve already completed it.

This article is submitted by Peter Thompson, who is an avid gamer and technology fan who loves to stay on top of what’s new and happening. Thankfully he gets to write about it for a living as well and with his experience selling Wii consoles online he’s in a great position to advise others.


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