Where to Sell My Smartphone to Get the Most Money?

With new smartphone recycling websites coming up everyday, it can be very confusing as to where to sell your smartphone for the best possible deal and get the most money. To get the maximum possible price, where you choose to sell your smartphone becomes very important. It often depends on a number of factors like timing of sale, local demand, type and model of your device, and the age factor. But with so many mobile phone selling services out there, the more convenient services rarely get you the best price. Before you can do that, you need to examine your smartphone to figure out what kind of selling service will work best. After that, you can start weighing specific options.

It doesn’t matter if you have financial issues to take care or you are a gadget freak who loves buying latest gadgets by selling old smartphones and tablets, websites like SellMyPhone.co.uk will give you a lot of convenience when selling your old phone without compromising the price at which you’re selling it. So if you are caught deciding “where I should sell my phone“, you can always rely on their great service where the transaction is super-fast and you can trade in your phone for the greatest price.

How to Sell My Smartphone in 4 Simple Steps?

Step 1) Select Your Smartphone

Go to SellMyPhone.co.uk website, type in your smartphone (or tablet) model into the search box and click search. Alternatively, you can search by manufacturer as well. Describe your mobile phone and its operational state (working, broken, damaged screen etc). Fill in the IMEI number and it will show the offered prices to sell your phone.

Step 2) Place Your Order

Fill in your personal details like name, address, email details and mode of payment (Bank transfer or PayPal).

Step 3) Send Your Phone via Free Post

You will have an option to either receive a free envelope or to use your own envelope with their free post address. But please note that if you request a free post envelope it can take up to 5 business days to receive it.

Step 4) Get Your Money!

When they receive your smartphone (or tablet), they will run a couple of tests to make sure it matches the information you had provided in Step 1. And you’ll get paid.

In conclusion, this site is highly professional and easy to navigate. They have every potential to become the #1 mobile phone recycling site in the world for selling used  smartphones and tablets, since mobile phone recycling is an important issue and almost everyone carries cell phones these days.


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