World’s Thinnest and Lightest Laptop; Samsung Laptops or MacBook Air?

When Apple launched the first MacBook Air in January 2008, it was supposed to be the thinnest and lightest laptop in the world. But the new Samsung Series 9 Notebook is supposed to be thinner than others in the present range of notebooks and laptops in 2011.

Samsung has come up with a 13.3-inch laptop which is lighter and thinner than the ultra-thin MacBook Air. To add to its style, the maker has incorporated an up-to-date processor which would cater to your diverse technological needs. So you need not worry about the compact frame’s inside because it is supposedly robust and adapted to your needs.

If carrying the heavy and bulky laptop has been a concern, you could now find an apt possibility in the Samsung Notebook Series 9. It has been designed with Duralumin, which although light-weight, ensures twice the strength of aluminium.

You can expect clarity and ease of viewing from every angle. Features also include backlit keyboard, attractive LCD display screen, a multi-touch pad which is large enough to give convenient clicks and many more. The laptop boots in 12 seconds.

It is technically equipped with the Intel Core i5 Processor. The powerful processor enables optimized power management while multi-tasking. Whether you are playing the latest 3D games, or compressing large-size photos, the applications would potentially work unhindered. The Turbo Boost Technology further enhances the performance.

You can expect hassle-free speed with the latest technologies. And weight is not supposedly an issue here. The SuperBright screens enable uninterrupted viewing even in direct sunlight. The advanced battery gives uninterrupted work space for about 7 hours.

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The Samsung Notebook has dimensions 12.9″ (W) x 8.9″ (D) x 0.62″ ~ 0.64″ (H). You may have to spend more for the laptop compared to the MacBook Air (the miniaturization, of course, has a price premium along with). It can be purchased for about $1499.99 at Amazon.

Apple has been putting efforts towards improvisation since its first launch. The MacBook Air is an example. It comes in two variations. The screen display sizes are 11 inches and 13 inches. Dimensions for 11 inches are 11.8 in (wide) × 7.56 in (deep) × 0.11 in (high). For the 13 inches, the dimensions are 12.8 in (wide) × 8.94 in (deep) × 0.11 in (high). The MacBook can give you uninterrupted 5-7 hours of work space. It has Wi-Fi wireless networking and Bluetooth 4.0. It has a 256MB-384MB DDR3 SDRAM main memory.

There are a host of applications which would give you the versatility and advantage to enjoy an extended work space. The 11 inches display laptop weighs 2.38 lb, while the 13 inches weighs a little more at 2.96 lb.

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The new 1440 x 900 resolution is attractive and works great. The MacBook Air is made of aluminum and glass. Features also include finger up-scroll for the dashboard and mission control, which possibly eliminates the need for a mouse. The MacBook is light, thin and traveler-friendly. It is also light on your wallet too. The Apple MacBook Air is priced at around $999 (at

But on the other hand, the Samsung Series 9 Notebook is only 16.3mm thin, being the world’s thinnest laptop of its kind. You can add this to your collection and style without compromising on the efficiency aspect.

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