4 Criteria to Evaluate DDoS Mitigation Providers [Infographic]

How fast could your internal IT department stop a potential DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack? On average, a DDoS attack isn’t detected by IT teams until 4.5 hours after it has commenced and usually it takes another 4.9 hours before mitigation can begin. With IT services outage costs averaging as high as $100,000 per hour, it essentially means that a DDoS attack can cost an Internet-dependent company about $1 million before the company even begins to mitigate the attack.

The growing increase in DDoS attacks has increased the demand for cyber security and DDoS mitigation services. For Internet-reliant corporates who are seeking protection, evaluating these DDoS mitigation service providers can be challenging, mainly because a lot of these services operate in the cloud.

How to Choose a DDoS Mitigation Provider?

4 Criteria to Evaluate DDoS Mitigation Providers [Infographic]

  • Selecting a capable cyber security services provider with DDoS mitigation expertise is one of the most critical business decisions you can make for your company.
  • DDoS attacks can lead to millions of dollars in lost sales, as well as the loss of your customer’s trust and investor’s confidence.
  • Even the latest cyber security technology and the best IT team won’t protect against intelligent botnets and crowdsourcing capable of launching DDoS attack campaigns that can last indefinitely and change signatures on a daily basis.
  • Available bandwidth and expertise in handling similar attacks in the past are key differentiators among DDoS mitigation providers.

This infographic about how to select a DDoS mitigation provider offers an quick summary of four criteria that can help you choose the best DDoS mitigation provider. It describes the mitigation provider’s threat intelligence, front-line battle-readiness, various DDoS mitigation capabilities and their DDoS mitigation capacity.


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