How Focusing on Local SEO Can Help Your Business

Search engine optimization is currently so unanimously useful that a lot of companies have incorporated it into their marketing strategies. But for most entrepreneurs striving to rank better in search engines, SEO limits strictly to publishing content and attracting backlinks to build authority and gain visibility.

Despite being an important part of the optimization process, very few companies actually focus on local SEO – that side of SEO that allow brands to optimize their websites for a specific geographical area. By including local SEO as part of your optimization strategy, you can make your website show up in search engines whenever a nearby user searches for keywords that you’ve also optimized for. This, in turn, can position you at the very top of SERPs for the greatest possible flow of traffic.

Local SEO – How Can Local Search Help Your Business

But why is local SEO so beneficial for businesses operating in well-defined geographical locations? Read on to find out.

1. Less Competition to Fight With

Every company is trying to rank better than their competitors, putting consistent effort and spending massive SEO budgets to gain visibility and drive traffic, leads, and sales. But with literally hundreds of other companies to fight with (perhaps some doing SEO for a while now), ranking at the top of search engine result pages is oftentimes unrealistic.

Local SEO has many benefits from a competitive point of view. Let’s assume that you are a digital marketing agency in Sydney – by optimizing your site for local searches only, you will be competing specifically with other companies in Sydney, which are far fewer than there are in the entirety of the country. As such, this reduces competition, making you far more valuable to a slightly smaller population – but it’s better to have 100 real searchers than might truly be interested in your products than 1,000 theoretical searchers, right?

2. More Opportunities for Positive Public Relations

Local visibility can dramatically increase along with local SEO. Fellow entrepreneurs and local newspapers are more likely to notice a local company that consistently publishes quality content than a national brand. You can earn authentic, non-artificial backlinks pointing to your website, and even have articles in the press written about your brand. In a relatively short amount of time, local SEO can increase your local visibility and even land you new customers.

What’s more, attending local events can also get you ground-level local exposure, especially if you generate and promote local-optimized press releases. And if your social media presence is very strong, then you’ll certainly build a solid base of local customers.

3. Better Mobile Experience

Forty six percent of searches are now performed through mobile devices, and the majority of searches are usually location specific. Coupled with the accessibility of mobile devices and Internet on the go, it makes sense to optimize your website to show up in local searches. You can get a lot more exposure if you do local SEO, and you can easily get customers to make a purchase or hire you.

Search engines collect more information about their users’ locations and browsing history to successfully give them local-specific results. Interestingly, you can even outrank companies with a huge national authority due to your proximity to nearby users, which subsequently gives you more exposure and stands a better chance at landing new customers.

Due to the efficiency and many opportunities offered by local SEO, entrepreneurs should consider including it as part of their marketing strategy. This will allow locally owned brands to rank higher in search engines, and automatically generate more traffic. Consider hiring an Internet marketing company in Sydney that has experience in local SEO, as they likely know all best practices and have the resources needed to get your website at the top of SERPs.


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