How SEO Can Boost Your Company’s Income

Think of SEO as a spider web. Spiders weave their webs in order to catch insects that they eventually consume. The larger and stronger the web is, the more likely the spider will be to catch its prey. Similarly, SEO is a web companies weave for the purpose of catching potential customers. The broader the web is, the greater the number of customers who will be caught in it.  More customers lead to greater profits. Here is the SEO process, explained step by step.

Boost Site’s Organic Traffic

Search engine optimization brings potential clients to your site in one of two ways. If your company has done a good job of link building, people will learn about your site on industry blogs, social media or at any number of related forums. Each location where a link points to your site is like a sign directing people where to go. If you think of it as a referral program, the more referrals you have, the more likely it will be that one of those referrals converts to a sale.

Secondly, the original intent of innovative SEO is to boost site rankings. The higher your company site ranks on the results page of organic searches, the more likely your site will be to see traffic. Very few people scroll through more than the first page of search results, so if your company cannot be found on the first page, your potential clients will visit a competitor’s site instead. Lost sales reduce profits while, statistically speaking, more visitors to your site means more conversions and greater profit margins.

A Broader Lead Funnel

Your website traffic then becomes your lead funnel. People who find your site via links or keyword searches are already interested in something your company has to offer, so they are viable leads. A well designed and easy to navigate website that directs visitors how to take the next step towards conversion is a website that finds and nurtures leads in an automated and systematic way.

Better and Efficient Marketing

Your marketing department saves money on printed materials and postage to send direct mail pieces that are often discarded or buried in a pile on somebody’s desk within the week. SEO minimizes the need for a machine gun marketing approach by using your website to qualify leads automatically. There is a greater ROI for marketing that is targeted to specific leads who have expressed specific interests than for cold-call marketing to people and companies that may or may not have a use for your product or service.

Additionally, marketing efforts last longer with SEO. The Internet is available 24 hours every day, so your site continues to qualify leads on the company’s behalf on weekends and while the marketing department sleeps at night. Quality blog posts used as part of a good SEO strategy can lead readers to your site months after the initial post.

In short, SEO brings more traffic to your website by using Google to boost your visitors traffic. More traffic means more leads, and more leads mean more conversions. More conversions mean higher sales numbers, while saving money on printed materials, postage and marketing personnel. More sales and less spending boost income in two directions!

Guest Author: This post was provided by Custard Media, your resource for SEO Preston.


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