How To Optimize A Site After Google Panda (Farmer) Update

The giant search engine keeps updating their SERP algorithm. The latest Google’s Panda update has raised a serious concern in the internet industry. This update affected many websites and blogs. The serious affect it has on SEO made a lot of people to start asking the one question — what is the purpose of Google Panda (aka Farmer) update and how to save your site/blog from being penalized?

Purpose of Google “Panda” Update!

Google and all the other search engines always strive to satisfy their users. Do they care about the impact their actions have on other online business men using their services? Well, that is another course of discussion, but the truth is that Google values the ‘need’ of their customers and users who use their database to find answers to their various questions. The Panda update is implemented to eliminate ‘sub-standard’ contents; those contents that may be regarded as being “spammy” or of “low-quality” which are trying to rank in the search engines. Without aiming to hurt any business in particular, this is part of their efforts to always provide users with the best and quality answers to their requests.

Has Google’s Panda Update Changed SEO Forever?

The Google’s Panda update has serious affects on Mahalo, Ezinearticles, Wisegeek and so many other genuine websites  (with unique and quality content) and article directories. As we all know, some of these affected sites have many of the articles we are using for backlinks. Thus we are affected if they are affected. Just seeing Ezinearticles on the list of affected sites will tell you how serious the Panda update is.

What is The Best SEO Strategy (Tips) to Recover From Google Panda Update?

It is obvious that many marketers have been publishing contents just for the sole purpose of traffic generation and not really to offer readers something they can hold on to. This is what the Panda update is trying to correct. A lot of marketers use these low-quality content articles to attract visitors to their sites and blogs to gain impressions and get clicks. In one way, even when the quality of our content is important to us, what we really care about is the traffic we are getting from those articles.

Google Panda Survival Kit!

SEO is the heart of internet business and we owe a lot of our success to it. Here are some tips to help you recover from the ‘traffic drop’ which is mostly the aftermaths of Google’s Panda updates.

Remove Low Quality Contents:

Internet marketing is rapidly racing towards perfection of value. The people that offer the most valuable information, services and products are seriously dominating the whole marketing process and the search engines are supporting and pushing them to the top. For a while you should forget about traffic and sales and concentrate on delivering ‘quality’; starting from your articles and blog contents to your services and products. Focus on offering real value to your readers and on solving their issues. This is how to bounce back in line and make your web pages SEO and SERP friendly.

Pay More Attention To SEO:

You have known a lot about SEO but I bet with the frequent changes and dynamic nature of the whole internet marketing process, you should always be looking to update your SEO skills. If you are armed with these qualities, you will always be ready for any changes and will only make little tweaks to your website after Panda updates. All-in-one SEO Pack is a great pluging for wordpress platform.

Adopt The Social Media Promotional Strategies:

Google values the social media trends and searches for valuable posts in Twitter, Facebook and many other discussion groups. Use these media to your advantage by posting relevant and valuable contents. According to Matt Cutts, they now take into account your social networking activity and rank higher blogs with a strong social presence.

Beware of Who You Are Linking With:

The linking system on the internet is of great importance to Google. If you sell links from your website, it is high time you stop it. Take precaution when enabling external links from your site. Build links with fellow quality bloggers who deal in the same niche as you. Also, if your site is an affiliate site or blog, don’t put too many ads on a page; it signals ‘low quality’ to the SERPs. Furthermore, although CommentLuv is an awesome tool for both webmasters and visitors, it tends to attract lots of spammers to link to their low quality sites. Don’t publish their useless comments. One way to figure out spams is to copy these comments and paste them into Google. You will see that these comments are published into hundreds of other blogs. You don’t want to be fooled too, so delete them.

In case your innocent (or otherwise) blog or site was Panda-slapped after the recent Google algorithm update, make sure you go through our highly effective SEO Guide For Surviving Google Panda Update.

There have also been reports that there were a lot of unjust casualties; sites and blogs that were affected without cause. If this is true, I am sure that the giant search engine will find a way of sorting things out but for now, we all have to ensure that the SEO of our blogs and sites are back in order before we get too much damage than we can repair.


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