How To Use Long Tail And Short Tail Keywords For SEO Success

What is a keyword?

A beginning marketer will often hear the term “keyword” being tossed around. It is an important part of getting your website listed on the search engines so people can find your website. That is called search engine optimization (SEO). I’ll write more about SEO in an upcoming article. Since it easy to become overloaded with information, I like to break it down into small parts. I think that makes it easier to learn.

How To Use Long Tail And Short Tail Keywords For SEO Success

A keyword is a term that someone times into a search engine. Usually a keyword is actually a phrase. Sometimes people will search for a single word but they usually learn that turns up results that are not closely related to their topic.

The word “red” could be a keyword. But, if you are really looking for fast red cars looking for the color red alone may or may not return results for what you are looking for. So I would search for “fast red car.” Of course, if you’re looking for a fast red VW beetle then you should type that in.

Short Tail Vs. Long Tail Keyword

You will also see people talking of “short tail keywords” and “long tail keywords.” That sounds a bit mysterious, does it not? Lets cut through the mystery. The difference really is not a huge secret or very complicated at all.

Short Tail Keywords are keyword phrases of perhaps one to three words. Now there is no ironclad rule as to what the cut off point for a short tail keyword is. I would always consider two words as short tail.

Long tail keywords are keywords with than three words. Or maybe more than four words. That depends on you really. Set your own cut off point.

Someone else might say it is five words. It really doesn’t matter. It is only important that you get the concept down. Short tail keywords are shorter and when you perform an Internet search using them you will get a lot more results. You are also much less likely to find what you are looking for.

That is important because that means if you write using long tail keywords the people that find your site are much more likely to be interested in what you have to say. Thus, if you monetized your site so that the advertisements match the content of your site (niche) then you are much more likely to convert that traffic into dollars.

When you are starting out, you are going to make mistakes. Go ahead, make them. I have. Don’t try to start out by learning everything and then begin your quest. Just plunge it. Write an article. If you don’t think you have anything to write about then read read my post “How To Find Topics To Write About.” blog.


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