Sorezki SEO Plus Google Chrome Extension Can Boost Your SERP Ranking

With the increasing popularity of Google’s Chrome browser more and more plugin (extension/addon) developers are jumping in and coming up with some really awesome extensions. The Sorezki Chrome extension is one such excellent SEO tool that upgrades Google Webmaster Tools, Yahoo search engine and Google Analytics with social activity statistics, on-page results, social media info and PR / search results numbering, as well as Yahoo, Bing and Google search engines with geo-location search tools, advanced metrics, anchor / PR scanners and more.

One  really cool feature is that this SEO extension enhances Yahoo site explorer by adding the ‘Analyze’ button that allows you to see if the backlinks are follow or nofollow and even shows you the keywords used. This option will be visible when you run a Google search with the extension working.

After downloading the extension and running it I strongly recommend switching Google “Instant Search” OFF for best Google Search experience. Also, check the links near the URL sections in the search results. You will notice that right next to the URL 2 more options will appear- ‘Trends‘ and ‘Backlinks‘. ‘Backlinks‘ will take you to a much improved Yahoo Site Explorer results page that allows you to analyse all competitor links.

When running a Google search you will see on the left side of the search page a new section called “Sorezki’s Google+”. This will allow you to run a PR scan, sort the pages by PR, search only pages from a specific time range or date etc.

Under the Search bar another cool little feature is available – ‘Local search’. By clicking Setting you can choose specific countries and watch results Google offers as if you’re running your search from those countries you chose.

Sorezki SEO Plus Chrome Extension Video Demo

This Chrome SEO extension is designed in a way that integrates with the search engines and don’t interfere the original design. This is definitely something planned in order to ease the SEO job of webmasters and make it smoother and more convenient by performing quick tasks like sorting out search results by PR without getting blocked (which I think is pretty magical the way it works). And the ability to analyze each site for various factors that can influence and change the site’s relevancy (and hence the SERP ranking) in Google, Yahoo! etc is awesome as well.


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