Three Secret Tips to Optimize Online Content

The Internet is a constantly changing place, and the techniques you used to manage your website last year may not still be your best approach. New idea develop and web design changes to suit the fluid world of online content, and you need to be following the latest rules if you want your site to succeed. Here are 3 very important tips that you might not have thought of.

Be Engaging

This is a little vague but once you get a sense of what “user engagement” is all about, you’ll get the picture. Offering solid information is only part of the battle, you need to hold on to a reader’s attention. Add high-quality photos wherever is appropriate to create a very visual atmosphere to each page. Use a new technique like the flipbook (learn more here) to let people “flip” through animated pages for a little added interest.


Make good use of comment sections to create conversations and to allow your readers to have a voice on your topic. Along with comments, leave lots of opportunities for visitors to use social media to connect and to share your content. Whatever specific technique you use, you want your readers to get involved.


People are more likely to respect your authority on a given topic if you present yourself well. Keep all of your content error-free and keep the language professional. Ease up on any hard-sell content so your site doesn’t look like a pitch. Show off your social media audience because people tend to trust sites that other people trust.

Back up your claims with links to trusted sources. When you make statements, particularly those with statistics, give your visitors a quick link so they can verify what you’re saying. Of course, you have to link to a site that is trusted itself so look to officially recognized sites when you make your citations.

There is another side to this coin, having links back to you from important authority sites too (aka backlinks). Do a little hunting and find which trusted sites allow for guest posts or other contributed content where you can get your name and link out there. The more you connect with trusted authorities, the better you look.

Pay Attention to SEO

Of course, you can only hook people in with these techniques once they’re on your site. That means you still need to stay in touch with the latest in SEO techniques. That’s “Search Engine Optimization“, and though it is only part of the equation, it should be part of your media plan.

There is no single SEO trick to make your site irresistible to search engines, but you can keep a few things in mind to help improve your rankings. Use your terminology clearly so that search engines can accurate parse what your page is about, without overdoing it with stuffed keywords. Are your pages mobile-friendly? Engines like Google will give ranking preference to websites that work seamlessly on mobile devices over those that do not.

Getting links to your site from trusted networks is also key, but we already mentioned that along with the last tip.

Keeping up with optimization is a constant chore, so plan on reviewing your marketing plans regularly to see what the latest trend is.


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