Want to Recover From Google Penguin Update? Hire A SEO Company

There’s been a great deal of debate about the Google Penguin update since it launched last month, and a lot of webmasters are still trying to determine if their sites were even impacted by Penguin or some other Google algorithm change. Those sites which are hurt by it are still wondering how to recover from Penguin update, and there remain concerns about “negative SEO” as a threat. In addition to Penguin, there were two Panda refreshes last month, and over 50 other changes.

How Can You Recover from Penguin? One of the most difficult things with this update is telling people how to recover. Anyone hit by Penguin was deemed to be spamming Google. I doubt anyone has recovered yet but that doesn’t stop SEOs from sharing tips and techniques they are using in an attempt to break lose from the Penguin’s grip!

Top 5 Reasons to Hire an SEO Company for Penguin

Talking about Penguin recovery, I think it is about time when we start agreeing that when it comes to blogging and placing content online, ‘SEO is required’! There are companies that specialize in optimizing content for search engines but the question is whether to opt for them. Here are top 5 reasons why you should consider hiring a SEO company if your site was hit by Penguin update and you are trying to recover the SERP damage:

Knowledge of Search Engine Optimization

One of the main benefits of hiring a SEO company is that the employees will already understand the use of keywords and how to rank highly in search results. They know what exactly is wrong with your site and what needs to be fixed. The employees know the good tactics to use and those to avoid.

This takes months, if not years, to completely learn and then it takes time for the search engines to notice the change and rank the content accordingly. And when you are trying to recover from an anti-spam update like Google Panda or Penguin, hiring a SEO company makes perfect sense.

Understand Algorithm Changes

Forget about just Penguin or Panda updates, the search engines, in general, change their algorithms on a regular basis. This helps with ranking high quality content highly instead of those pieces that are trying to cheat the system. Those who work for optimization companies will understand the changes quickly and will implement them to the content; it can take months to really understand the changes and how it affects content on a website or blog.

Constantly Optimize Your Content

Another benefit of hiring an optimization company is changes are regularly made to the content on blogs and website. This is difficult for a website owner or blogger to do as they will need to offer fresh content and work on other areas of the site or blog – and the business. It is important to update blog pieces and content regularly to help with algorithm changes and to reach as much traffic as possible.

Saves Your Money

The problem with hiring someone else to do this is that it will cost money; otherwise search engine optimization is free. For those who run small blogs or niche websites, there may not be the funding available to have someone else do the optimization. This is something for larger businesses and those making a larger profit to consider.

Saves Your Time and Better Chance of Penguin Recovery

SEO copy-writing is extremely important to rank on a search engine highly. It is important to reach within the first two pages for the chosen keywords as research has shown very few searchers will look past the second, maybe third, page. Hiring a company to do everything helps to cut down on the time spent on the content and means time can be spent in other areas of the business or on the blog; however, this is not for everybody.

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Author Profile: Ryza Royze has been contributing search engine optimization articles to the SEO industry for almost 5 years. All she ever wanted is to share her knowledge with people showing interest in the same field.


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