Got 1500 Facebook/Twitter Friends? Your Brain Can’t Even Handle 150

No matter how many friends you have on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter or Orkut, the human brain is capable of handling up to a maximum of 150 pals only, a new study has claimed. A professor of Evolutionary Anthropology at Oxford University has found out that human beings are physically limited to being able to link up and manage up to 150 friends at most, regardless of any other societal variables.

Got 1500 Facebook Twitter Friends Your Brain Can't Even Handle 150

The researchers, led by led by Robin Dunbar, have developed a theory known as “Dunbar’s number“, which claimed that the size of our neocortex – the part of the brain used for conscious thought and language — is too small to handle more than 150 active relationships.

He told the Sunday Times that “The interesting thing is that you can have 1,500 friends but when you actually look at traffic on sites, you see people maintain the same inner circle of around 150 people that we observe in the real world“. “People obviously like the kudos of having hundreds of friends but the reality is that they’re unlikely to be bigger than anyone else’s.”

Anyhow, those looking to catch a glimpse of the work of Professor Robin Ian MacDonald Dunbar, can consult one of his numerous publications, “The evolution of culture: An interdisciplinary view” on Google Books.

Professor Dunbar’s findings will be published towards the end of the year and might finally debunk the myth of Facebookers who claim to have 5000 friends or so and Twitter users with over 34,000 followers. How many friends do you have on Facebook/Twitter? ;)

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8 Responses to " Got 1500 Facebook/Twitter Friends? Your Brain Can’t Even Handle 150 "

  1. Ramkumar says:

    Seeing your title, I thought that you have got arnd 1500 fans :D I Have around 500 fans in Facebook.
    .-= Ramkumar´s last blogpost >> Compress JavaScripts with WP-Minify =-.

    • TechChunks says:

      Nope, I don’t have 1500 Facebook fans. In fact I joined Facebook only a couple of weeks back. Great that you have over 500 FB fans. would be great if you could point some of them towards here ;)

      P.S. But I have over 34,000 Twitter Followers (2 a/c combined) :P

  2. Having a lot of frinds on social media helps to increase number of visitors on your blog. and helps you to get more traffic
    .-= Vivek @ InfoEduTech´s last blogpost >> Which Theme is Better For WordPress: Thesis or Free Theme =-.

    • TechChunks says:

      That is a whole new topic of discussion and possibly right too! But here we are talking about the capacity of human brains to handle friends not about our blog visitors :P

  3. Technolic says:

    Interesting facts ….
    .-= Technolic´s last blogpost >> Introducing Kinect- Microsoft Xbox ‘s Game Changer Device =-.

  4. My brother recommended I would possibly like this facebook. He was once totally right. This publish actually made my day better. Thanks! You cann’t imagine simply how so much ready I had spent for this information!

  5. TechChunks says:

    I can realize how handling even 5 friends can be a real hard task!

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