Are You a Twitter Maniac?

With the instantly increasing popularity and impact of Twitter, this micro – blogging site has become one of the most influential websites existing today. Some people think that if they don’t possess a few thousand followers on Twitter (the majority buy Twitter followers for that purpose) and don’t post a couple of tweets every day, they won’t be considered a Twitter pro.

So in order to keep track with the times they have registered on Twitter and after a couple of months they have become so addicted to this social media site that it has become quite impossible to get out of its influence.

Nowadays a great deal of people is suffering the so called Twitter mania, which does not allow them to devote their time to anything else but tweeting and gaining followers. Now you can tell me that Twitter mania is not an illness and one should not take it so seriously.

However I shall object to it by saying that if you get that illness and become a Twitter maniac it will become rather difficult for you to recover it as there exists no remedy for that.

If you wonder what I mean by saying a Twitter maniac I can clarify it to you. If you prefer to spend more than half a day in front of the computer tweeting some new updates about how you have spent your evening or with whom you have had you lunch rather than to spend that time together with your friends or family, it is the first symptom of a Twitter maniac.

At first you won’t notice how you are gradually getting into the net of Twitter. You will pay no attention to the fact that you are concerned with nothing but tweeting, changing your profile picture on Twitter or reading the tweets of your followers.

You are becoming so involved and wrapped up in these activities that you lose the sense of hunger, thirst and fatigue and think only how to be successful on Twitter and become popular with the help of your Twitter account (especially when you enumerate the number of people that have gained that popularity online).

Afterwards you will begin to avoid human communication, I mean face to face interaction as you are got used to see only the computer screen in front of your eyes and a real human face can seem a bit strange and even frightening to you. You will want other people to leave you alone with your computer as you will, from that day on, prefer its companionship rather than a human one.

This fact will undoubtedly worry your friends and people who are really close to you. But believe me that you won’t listen to their complaints and will be deaf to them.

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Maybe you will find this description a little bit exaggerating and in some sense ridiculous, however I can assure you that I am more than serious. Twitter mania is a kind of illness that cannot seem serious from the first sight. However I advise you to take it serious in order not to catch that illness.

Guest Author: This is a guest article by Roman and he is an Internet Marketer. He is also specialized in Social Networking. If you want to know more about how to buy Twitter followers or how to buy Facebook fans, you are free to contact him.


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