Best “Social Networking” posts in Year 2009

Year 2009 saw an exponential growth in social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Orkut and even Myspace. Be it the signing of search deals of Twitter, Facebook and Myspace with Search giants like Google and Microsoft Bing, or the makeover of Orkut that lead to the introduction of a whole new look of it, or the introduction of voice feature in Twitter, year 2009 was a newsworthy year as far as social networking sites are concerned. On this last day of year 2009 we have decided to publish a list of most popular “Social Networking” posts that we wrote in 2009. Take a look at this list and use this as an opportunity to go thorough the articles that you might have missed earlier.
Best Social Networking posts in Year 2009

Social Networking:

Tell us your top picks from the above list. Which are the ones that you liked the most? 😉


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