Beware: Twitter Can Get You ‘High’ This New Year!

Here is a funny yet interesting news. It’s about our favorite social networking site Twitter. But before I start, let me ask you few questions first! Do you drink? Do you drive? If your answer is “Yes” for both the questions then, do you do these things simultaneously? If your answer is “Yes” again, it’s the time to have your name displayed on Twitter 🙂 I’m not kidding. The Houston Police Department has decided to punish drunk drivers in a quite modern way. Oh Yeah! Police in the Houston-area county of Montgomery have decided to place the drunk drivers name on Twitter.

If you are caught  driving while the special eggnog concoctions are making your nerve endings feel like Christmas lights, you will have your name on an especially festive Twitter page. This seasonal offer only applies to those arrested between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. And the Twitter page in question will not be one newly set up for the occasion, but rather that of Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon.

Beware Twitter Can Get You High Don't Get Caught While You Drink And Drive

After the news was aired there was a strong response from the viewers (precisely drivers! Drunk drivers). You might wonder whether Twittering humiliation is a reasonable method of enacting the law. Montgomery County Vehicular Crimes Prosecutor Warren Diepraam told PCWorld: “I sincerely doubt that the fact that I’ve put someone’s name on a Twitter page is going to affect their right to a fair trial.”

Is it a good step publishing drunk driver’s name on a social networking site? How would it affect the future of private transport system? Let’s wait and watch this brave step from the Police department. For the time being, be safe, don’t drive while drunk (Unless you wanna see your name on Twitter)

Happy New Year 2010 🙂


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