End of Privacy Breach Woes? Facebook Trying to Simplify Policy

It is a wide known fact that Facebook has received much bad press and criticism in the past, for its ill-managed privacy issue — most notably Facebook’s neglect of the fact that almost all the data is willingly shared by users. Another major complaint being the way privacy policy is written and its length.

In an effort to put an end to the never-ending personal security issues, the social networking giant, Facebook is working on some changes to its privacy policy pages that will simplify its policies. By doing so Facebook is hoping to repair its bad reputation by crafting a new privacy policy that regular web user can understand easily.

In a blog post, the company said, “At Facebook, we are constantly developing new experiences and features to help you control your information. Some of our recent work includes simplified privacy settings and publisher privacy controls that let you select your audience every time you post something on Facebook. We plan a lot more innovations in the months ahead so check back from time to time.

While the updated policy does not change Facebook’s existing methods of harvesting user information, it makes the whole process more transparent and easy to understand. This move comes after Facebook itself admitted that its existing privacy policy is “longer than the U.S. constitution – without the amendments“. The new draft is shorter and, more importantly, easier to understand, with headings like “your information and how it is used,” and “how advertising works,” which make the process clear to a layman.

The new privacy policy is just the latest step by Facebook to address user and regulators’ concern about privacy. Amidst a torrent of criticism about its privacy controls last spring, Facebook consolidated many of its settings into control panel designed to make it easier for users to adjust when and how their information was shared with other users and third parties.

According to initial reports, though the content of the new draft policy appears to be more or less similar to that of the old Facebook policy, the font is larger, with navigation elements built in. In addition, the new policy also is accompanied by illustrations and diagrams showing the user what it means when a user selects data to be shown to everyone. At any rate, from a visual standpoint, obviously, the new version is more appealing. What do you think about the social networking giant‘s new Privacy Policy?


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