Google Realtime Search Returning Soon With Google+ [Sans Twitter]

Google Realtime Search used to be the feature that indexed posts from Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Friendfeed, and other services both on its own URL and into the “one-box” on main search results, until Google discontinued its Realtime search feature in early July, 2011. However, Google has confirmed that they will soon be using Google+ data to bring the feature back – along with an internal search for Google+.

The Big G just reiterated plans to restore its social networking search function, based on Google+ and “other sources,” but it made no mention of its former sweetheart – Twitter!

Google’s specialized Realtime search engine allowed users to get information from social networks, and most notably Twitter, as soon as it happened. Realtime also imported a stream of data for standard searches related to major world events, ranging from the Royal Wedding to Japanese tsunami. It made Google‘s search engine more relevant during major world events.

Google had rolled out the Real-Time Search in Dec 2009 to compete with Microsoft’s search engine – Bing, which also has the similar feature, which showed results from Twitter and Facebook.

However, after about an year and half of running, Realtime Search was taken down in July after Google failed to come to an agreement with Twitter for continued access to Twitter’s firehouse of data.

But now when Google is talking about integrating Google+ streams to revive their Real Time Search, they are obviously forgetting something! Twitter has a familiarity to the general public, and it’s open to them. Google+ isn’t even open to the general public without invitation, and they’re already talking about using it to power the realtime search features, which was mainly powered by Twitter?

Even once (if) Google+ becomes heavily trafficked, it’s likely that the postings will resemble those you find on Facebook. Google already admitted, that Facebook wasn’t very effective as a real-time news source, so how is Google+ supposed to be going to be any better?

If you want to see up to the second results from around the world on what people are saying about any given topic, where do you go? Google+ or Twitter?

If Google really wants to organize the world’s information, maybe it needs to fork out enough money to get that fire-hose back. At least for a while. The early days are promising, but it’s still entirely possible that Google+ could turn into another Google Buzz or worse yet, another Google Wave.

Anyway, soon you can start seeing  streams from Google+ on your search result page through revamped Real Time service. But, will it be as effective and as popular like the earlier Twitter streams? Only time will tell…


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