How to Dominate Café World in Facebook: Biggest List of Café World Tricks, Cheat Codes, Hacks And Tips

[Warning! These Cafe World cheat codes can easily make you earn cash and coins quickly. You don’t have to use any cheat engine for increasing your level now. Read on for Cheat codes, hints and tips for the popular Cafe World game on Facebook. Get extra points, experience points, avoid spoiled food, never run out of food, get unlimited stoves and counters, and some waiter cheats and tips that will improve your Café World game.]

Before starting this post let me introduce you to Café World. This is a browser based embedded game in Facebook where the player need not have to be online while playing with his/her buddies. This new genre of this kind of gaming is called asynchronous” or “appointment” gaming. I have been playing this game since a while and I am very much addicted to this right now. There is not a single day when I don’t visit my Café (Virtual).

How to Dominate Café World in Facebook Biggest List of Café World Tricks, Cheat Codes, Hacks And Tips

The game is really a gem for part-time gamers. The user need not have to be hooked up to the game to finish the levels. Once there is food on the counter you are almost done. But, the game doesn’t deliver satisfaction to hard-core gamers like me because of its slow pace. Thankfully I came across some cheat codes, hacks, tips and tricks which can change the way Café World operates and I wanted to share them with you.

Cafe World cheat codes can easily make you earn cash and coins quickly. You don’t have to use any cheat engine for increasing your level now. There are various cheats available online that promises to increase your levels but it is always advisable to employ hack free techniques. Cheat codes mainly teaches you to play the game more strategically and helps you become a good entrepreneur. So are you ready to Dominate Café World On Facebook? 🙂

‘Earn More Coins’ Tricks!
– Always plan the food that you want to cook and serve to your customers and do not run out of food in your counter.
– Keep your buzz rating high. Buzz rating brings more customers, thus more coins!
– Don’t forget to Visits your friends’ café regularly to get more coins. That is the easiest method to earn coins.
– Regularly click on the “Daily Bonus” button (on the left) whenever you see it. It is a great way to earn some FREE coins and cash.

Reduce waiting time by ‘Trapping your Waiter’!
– Trapping your waiter is one of the best ways to reduce waiting time. You don’t have to worry about foods, as they will be automatically served to your customers. This process not only saves your time but also increases your buzz rating ( and thus the number of visitors). What you want to do is place your stoves against the back wall; then set up your serving tables, leaving one space behind them and the back wall. This will trap the waiters and they will be able to deliver and clean up dishes in an instant without moving.

Avoid ‘Spoiled Food’ in Café World!
– This is not exactly a cheat code but using this strategy you can avoid some spoiled food (and hence some coins) in Café World. The key to avoid the waste of throwing away spoiled food is pretty simple. If you want to use food that takes a long time to spoil, create meals that take a long time to cook. The longer the cooking time, the longer the food will stay edible. Spoiled food can be a big waste in Café World, so it is important to take this cheat into consideration when planning which meal you will be cooking.

Gather a Stockpile of ‘Café Points’ Quickly And Easily!
Bacon Cheeseburgers and Chips & Guacamole are two foods in Café World that can help you gain café points very quickly and easily. A bacon cheeseburger takes 5 minutes to cook and chips & guacamole takes 7 minutes to cook giving you +7 and +4 café points respectively. If you repeatedly cook these two items, you will gain a lot of café points quickly and easily.

‘Save money’ in Café World!
– There is a cheat for saving your money too. You can easily save up to 15 coins by placing your stoves in the inventory instead of cleaning it. This process can make you save cafe coins and cash quickly.
– You can increase visitors to your restaurant by opening the floodgates and adding doors. This will eventually make you richer. But do this ONLY when you have enough food on the counter.

Save your Buzz rating when ‘Running Out of Food’ in Café World!
– Running out of food can sometimes be a problem in Café World, forcing you to find a solution to the problem. Close your Café by simply removing the door. This will close the Café and prevent new customers from entering the establishment.

‘Gain Experience Points’ in Cafe World!
– To earn experience points in Cafe World, cook meals that take a long time to prepare. Yes, this takes more work and can sometimes be a pain, but the experience points will be worth it in the end.

Do you like Café World in Facebook? If yes, feel free to try these cheats and tell us if it helped you to Dominate Café World! 😀


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