How To Setup Video Calling on Facebook [Tutorial]

Soon after the Google’s launch of latest social-networking venture, Google+, Facebook announced that its 750 million users will now be able to make video calls on the site, powered by Skype. Video calling on Facebook is free to use, but unlike Google’s new social network, Google+ hangouts, group video chatting is not available.

But for non-techno-savvy users, enabling Facebook’s new social video calling feature might not be a straightforward affair. If you are looking for an easy way to enable video calling feature on any user’s Facebook account, it is essential to install Facebook video chat plugin for your web browser. In addition, Windows users also have to ensure that they have the latest version of Microsoft DirectX installed.

Step-by-step Guide to Enable Facebook Video Calling (Powered by Skype)

1) Login to your Facebook account and open Facebook’s Video Calling Setup page
2) Click on the “Get Started” icon.
3) At this junction, you will be asked to select any of your Facebook contacts who are online.
4) Select any of your online contacts to open the chat box with “Video” symbol.
5) Now click on the video symbol to raise a pop up asking if you want to “Set up Video calling”.
6) Click on the Setup, which will ask you to save a plug-in. [assuming that you have NOT already installed this plugin]
7) Install this plug-in to enable Facebook video chat in your browser.

That’s it fellas. Now, you are ready and equipped to start using Skype powdered video chat in Facebook. All you need to do from here on is to just open the chat box and click on the Video symbol to start video chatting (calling) with your online Facebook friends. The video call will be started as soon as your friend answer.

You can see if a friend is available by entering their name at the bottom of the chat list on the right side of the page. Friends that appear online in chat are also available for video calls. A green dot next to a friend’s name means they’re online and a moon icon means they’re online but inactive. Just like with chat, only your confirmed friends can call you on Facebook. You also have the option to ignore any call you receive.

How to Easily Setup and Use Facebook Video Calling Feature?

However, according to Facebook some users may face issues with video calling because of hardware and/or software incompatibility. Facebook video calling is supported for the latest versions of Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer web browsers.

If you face problems using this feature, you should probably check if any other program is currently (simultaneously) using your webcam.

Some other issues with Facebook video calling include the inferior quality of the video, as compared to Skype. Also there is no way to resize the video window. Also, Facebook video does not work with mobile phone yet… you need a computer and wi-fi connection for best results.

Is Facebook’s new video chat something you’ll use? Do you find it as “awesome” as Zuckerberg promised? Do you think Facebook can compete with Google+ Hangout (which lets you video chat in groups)? Let us know in the comments below.


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