Instagram Now Supports Portrait And Landscape Modes

Instagram has eventually started working over it. On 27th August 2015 Instagram officially announced that the prominent social app would start letting their people upload/post photos or videos in both landscape and portrait modes, expanding upon the wide-ranging square format for which the stuff is famous for. According to the company, the visual content a user is trying to share should always be on priority and they want it to make very user-friendly and enjoyable so that they can share the captured moments just the way they are.

Instagram Announces In-App Support for Portrait and Landscape Modes

Instagram Announces In-App Support for Portrait and Landscape Modes

Instagram also observed that approximately one in 5 photos people post are not in the square format and they understand that it hasn’t been an easy task to share this type of visual story on Instagram: sometimes it make friends get cut out of group shots, the subject of a person’s video feel overcrowded or one can’t capture the place the way they want it to be detained , for now; when anyone will choose a photo or video, all they need to do is to just tap the format icon to adjust the orientation to portrait or landscape instead of square shaped images or videos.

Once a person shares the image, the full-fledged version of the image will appear to all of his/her followers in feed in a very beautiful natural way. Not to forget just to make the feel clean of profile grid, the post will appear as a center cropped square image so that the grid can show harmony and equilibrium.

The company further adds that the update makes videos more cinematic and gigantic ever than before. All thanks goes to widescreen, and that instead of a isolated selection of filters for images and videos, now all filters can be used on any time of moment and one can also adjust the intensity of filters on videos, too. The update is live now and Instagram users have started enjoying it to the fullest. There’s a sense of exhilaration one can feel on Instagram user’s timeline.

All we can expect and wish is that Instagram continues to inspire us by their creativeness and diversity and for now, our eyes are on what they create next.

About the Author: Talha Manzoor, a tech-savvy who is passionate about digital marketing and latest trending marketing tools. By professions he’s mobile app developer and has a keen knowledge of mobile app development and working in a mobile app development company.

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