LinkedIn Updates Mobile Apps Due to Privacy Issues

After Twitter, the mobile application for LinkedIn for smartphones and tablets has been updated in order to increase security and safety of data, according to Yair Amit and Adi Sharabani from Skycure Security. These updates are applied to all information from the members such as names, location, time, meeting notes, and subject or area.

According to Eduard Kovacs from Softpedia, “These last records are the most problematic because in many cases they contain conference details and even access passwords. Amit and Sharabani highlight the fact that all customers who have opted in to the calendar feature are affected by this mechanism.

According to Jacqui Cheng from Ars Technica, Amit and Sharabani plan to present their report at a cyber security conference in Tel Aviv on Wednesday. In their report seen by Ars, they note that the information being collected by the LinkedIn app has no apparent relevance to the app’s functionality, though they don’t believe LinkedIn has included this functionality maliciously. However, we are concerned by the fact it collects and sends-out sensitive information about its users, without a clear indication and consent.

There have been increasing number of concerns regarding the privacy of the LinkedIn app for mobile phones, and this problem has been forwarded to the concerned authorities for the last few months now. The privacy of many of LinkedIn users are deemed to be important especially for those who are in high ranking positions as well as significant roles in their companies. It is now a big problem that LinkedIn is facing and a bigger problem for its users from all over the world.

LinkedIn is a networking website for professionals. It aims to gather all professionals from different fields to share their qualifications to potential employers, share information with colleagues, and widen their network to help them with work or academics.

Joff Redfern from LinkedIn has given his response regarding the issue. And he has given his word saying that the mobile app will now stop sending data from meeting notes of the user’s calendar section. A link that says “Learn More” may be more appropriate for those who intend to get more information about this new feature.

At the moment, the updates have been implemented on the Android platform. The updates are still in the approval stage in the Apple store. Soon, the updates will be live for Apple device users.

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