Official Google Buzz Widget For Android Released

Despite all the negative press, a myriad of criticism and local class action complaints resulting in an overall frustrating experience, Google is definitely not yet ready to give up on Buzz. The latest indication came yesterday today as Google launched a new Android widget that makes it easier than ever to post updates to Buzz.

The Android Widget lets you post text and photos with a single tap. Like other mobile access points for Google Buzz, the widget lets you choose to tag your post with the location or place from which it was posted. You can post buzz about a great meal you had and share photos of the new restaurant. To save time, your posts will upload in the background, letting you get back to your scrumptious dessert without a wait.

Official Google Buzz Widget For Android Released

The widget is initially available in English for Android phones running v1.6 and later. You can search for ‘Google Buzz’ in the Android Market to download it now. Once it’s downloaded, it can be added to your home screen the same way you add any other widget — click on your home screen menu, click on “add” select “widgets” and then select the option for Google Buzz. However, this new widget looks very slick — easily one of the best widgets for Android yet. But here is some bad news for iPhone users — this simple functionality wouldn’t be possible on the iPhone, as it doesn’t allow for widgets.

With a Buzz widget sitting on your phone’s home screen, it sure seems a lot easier to post to buzz, and perhaps even give Buzz a fighting chance against Twitter. Check it out, and let us know what you think about it via the comments section.

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19 Responses to " Official Google Buzz Widget For Android Released "

  1. I haven’t had a chance to look at Google Android on the latest phones yet, but from what I am hearing it is definitely giving Apple iPhone a run for the money. With more software likely to be out and much more freeware than the Apple Store.

    I am glad there is more social media sharing options for the Android (with Chrome, and extensions I have a feeling this will make Android dominate more).
    .-= Justin Germino´s last blogpost >> Dell Laptop Arrives from LeapFish Media =-.

  2. Robin says:

    I must buy an android powered phone soon. :) great post by the way. Thanks.
    .-= Robin´s last blogpost >> iOS4 Available for Download =-.

  3. Grady Pechin says:

    Thank you very much for this article. This info. is useful.

  4. Thanks for the share, I have been reading online all day and this was actully worth reading. Thanks a great deal.

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