Security Warning! Do NOT Open Password Reset Email From Facebook Support. Fake and Contains Virus

There’s an email going round asking Facebook users to reset their password. The email states “Facebook Password Reset Confirmation” but this email is completely fake and contains a virus. So do not open or follow any of its instructions. Facebook is currently letting users know that the email is fake but they need help in spreading the word, so be sure to let your friends know!

The text of the email is as follows:

“Dear user of facebook,

Because of the measures taken to provide safety to our clients, your password has been changed. You can find your new password in the attached document.

Your Facebook.”

Security Warning Do NOT Open Password Reset Email From Facebook Support. Fake and Contains Virus

The message is spoofed and shows up as coming from “Facebook Support” at [email protected], although that’s really not the source.

If you use a web based email client, you shouldn’t be too concerned with the viral part of this but if you download your email, it’s worth virus checking your computer to be safe. The attachment contains a password stealer that can potentially access any username and password combination used on the computer, not just the login credentials for Facebook. If you have downloaded the application you should install a virus scanner and also change your Facebook password immediately.

I have a facebook account but received this same email on my work email, which is essentially a totally different one and not even close to my facebook account. So that would lead me to think that they are just mass-emailing to see who will bite. It is always a best practice to always be wary of any email attachments, irrespective of the domain from which it appears to have been sent! I don’t care who it is from. If you are not expecting one. then alway scan it.

At any rate, isn’t that uber-annoying? I would hope that these wannabe hackers go find something better and more productive to do with their time. At the same time, I find it absolutely hilarious that people actually fall for these phishing attacks (LOL)!


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