Third Most Populated Country in The World – The United States of FaceBook (InfoGraphic)

Mark Zukerberg the founder and CEO of Facebook recently announced they now have 400 million active members, which puts them behind only China and India based on population. This time last year Facebook had approximately 150 million members. It is only a matter of time before the Facebook juggernaut reaches 1 billion members.

There can be no doubt that irrespective of the launch and all the buzz around Google Buzz and the latest advancements of Twitter, Facebook is pretty much unstoppable at the moment and a real massive juggernaut. For some perspective on Facebook’s amazing growth, here is this infographic. We hope you’ll enjoy it!

Facebook, Social Media Juggernaut (InfoGraphic)

Take another look at that last number. That’s more than half a billion Facebook users, an incredibly large user base for a social network site, and it may not be too long before Facebook reaches it. Didn’t I warn you all that Google Buzz lacks the steam to knock out Facebook just yet? 😉


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