Ticket to Twitter Hell in 5 Easy Steps (Mistakes)

I agree that Twitter is arguably one of the best social networking platforms at the moment with its enormous power to offer vivid, lustrous universe of new friends, new ideas, hilarious little punch lines and occasionally even a sparkle of breaking news. When a platform comes with such attractive features, unfortunately, it also attracts a horde of people trying to promote their business. I don’t see why it should be wrong if you see it as a great way to promote your blog or your business. But, if  you lack the Twitter Etiquette and if your ONLY motive is to use Twitter for promoting your business or your blog and NOT connecting with people, then probably it is time to bid goodbye to Twitter before Twitter kicks you out!

Ticket to Twitter Hell in 5 Easy Steps (Mistakes)

Fortunately, most REAL people on Twitter are intelligent and carry a logical head over their shoulders. So, if you lack Twitter Etiquette and planning to over-smart others with your ulterior intentions, then beware! You’ll eventually get caught and that will mean only one thing: You will be UNFOLLOWED/BLOCKED.

It is possible that one can commit such mistakes unintentionally. But, accidental crime still is a crime, right? I am going to list out some common yet serious mistakes that people commit on twitter and invite others to unfollow/block them. These are the mistakes that you wouldn’t want to commit unless you want to be shown the way to Twitter hell!

1. Over-Promote:
People at Twitter are known to have a chronic digestive disorder. You try to feed them something continuously, and they are bound to vomit; vomit you out of their twitter stream by unfollowing and even blocking you.

2. Over-Automate:
I understand that over a period of time, once your profile grows on twitter it can get clumsy to be managed. Using a Twitter app or two to manage your friends on Twitter, manage the tweets or manage DMs can be understandable. But, if you misunderstand automation as sending out automatic direct messages (Auto DMs) to everybody who decides to follow you on twitter, then probably you better had shoot at your own feet! Over automation is a serious crime at twitterville, be it sending auto DMs to new followers, auto-following in response to keywords or relaying autotweets in response to keywords. They all are treated as rotten tomatoes at twitter and are treated in the same manner in which we treat rotten tomatoes; thrown out of the window to rot!

3. Over-Share:
Remember the first mistake in this list? Remember how people at Twitter are bad at digesting stuffs that someone tries to push down their throat? Selling and sharing more than you should be can cause the same syndrome. Tweeting about how you had a bad Friday night and how you ended up sleeping over-drunk with that street dog in your neighbor’s lawn could be hilarious for your friends in the pub, but not necessarily for your friends at twitter. So do not, I repeat do not over-share. Your followers should want to know more about you, not less. Never ever disturb that equation by over sharing data than you probably ought to.

4. Under-Engage:
Things get boring real quickly if all you do is update your status, post links, post pictures and promote your blog. In order for people to care about any of that, you need to engage with them at a personal level. This involves replying when you spot something of your interest, or you think you can be of help, re-tweeting where you can add value to the conversation and getting involved in the discussion.

5. Over-Loyalty:
I understand that everyone loves to follow a celebrity or two. I don’t see any problem with that. In fact, it’s not the celebrity part that is the problem here; it’s all of their followers. If you say anything at all that could be remotely interpreted as negative, be prepared for all of their followers declare a war against you and drown your Twitter ship. This happens partly because celebrities are so idolized that their followers treat them next to god. But more importantly this happens because deep down, their followers think that by attacking you, ‘the hater’, the celebrity will eventually acknowledge them, ‘the followers’ and might actually follow them back. So avoid the trouble, they’re probably not worth it.

Before you start digging through my twitter stream for the mistakes, yes I have committed most of them at some point in my twitter life. Which of these mistakes have you committed already? Share your twitter experience with us by commenting.


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