Top 10 Best Killer Tips and Tricks to Use Twitter Like a Pro

Twitter is a social networking site that has been all the craze over the past year or so. Many people use Twitter for personal use, and some may even use it for business use. If you have a website, then you may want to use it to help with your marketing plan. There are many people that use Twitter on a daily basis and yet they miss out to make the most of it.

If you really want to make your business successful through the use of Twitter, then you will want to think about the different tips and tricks that will bring you more traffic to your website. Here are 10 cool yet easy tips and tricks to increase your Twitter followers and bring maximum value out of this microblogging platform for your business.

Pair Twitter with an Online Blog

If you are an online marketer, then you will understand the importance of having a blog. If you use your blog together with your Twitter account then you can really double up on the amount of traffic that you have going to your site. Make sure that you have a link readily available for your viewers to get to your Twitter site.

Schedule Automatic Tweets

Did you know that it was possible to schedule automatic tweets? Well, you can! You can actually use a variety of different resources that will allow you to post your tweets and schedule the time and day that you want them put onto your feed.

Make Your Tweets Informative

By making sure that your readers gain something by reading your tweets you are able to increase the number of people who follow you. They will likely share your page with others, which will result in a larger number of people seeing your site.

Group Your Followers

By using a tool called TweetDeck, you are able to categorize your followers into different groups. This helps you to sort between your family and friends, business colleagues, and other followers. As you get more followers, this becomes a must if you want to stay organized.

TweetAdder Tool

This is a great tool if you would like to follow people automatically. If you have a busy site, then this can be very convenient. It will also allow you to unfollow people who do not follow you. This is important when it comes to getting more followers. By following more people than you have following you, it will make less favorable on the site.

Twitter Mobile

If you are not always going to be around your computer, then using Twitter Mobile can be a great tool. It will allow you to receive text messages on your mobile device when certain people post new tweets. It is the best way to keep you up to date without having to constantly log on.

Be Up to Date with Twitter Lingo

There are a lot of different terms that are associated with Twitter. If you are going to be a part of the site, then you will need to learn the language. A few words that are commonly used are follower, tweet, @reply, trending topics ,and more.

Get Exposure

Putting your Tweet button out there for others to see is a great way to make sure that you get the exposure that you need. You should add links to your web pages, email signatures, blogs, and your Facebook page.

Use Twitter Search Effectively

Twitter search is a tool that many find to be helpful. You will be able to search for local businesses and more by simply typing it into the search bar. There is even an Advanced Twitter search option for those that need a more specific search.

Don’t Make Your Tweets Sound Too Much Like a Sales Pitch

While you may be advertising particular products or services, you will want to include other information in your Tweets as well. Never make your entire Twitter site about sales and marketing. This will discourage followers.

These are all tips and tricks that can be very effective when it comes to promoting your business through Twitter. Make sure that you incorporate these tips on a daily basis to ensure that you are getting the most out of Twitter.

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