Top 5+ Best Twitter Tips & Tricks

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites today. Unlike its counterparts, Facebook and LinkedIn; Twitter, the micro-blogging platform restricts its users by only allowing them 140 characters of space for their updates.

People are using Twitter, not only for personal and entertainment uses, but also for business use. This is a great way to reach millions of new customers every single day. When you are a member of Twitter, you are able to have followers and you are able to subscribe to other’s Twitter updates as well.

You don’t have to be a Twitter maniac to be able to use Twitter like a pro. If you are new to Twitter, or if you are looking to find useful tips and tricks for using Twitter so that you can make your experience easier, this article will help you do just that.

Twitter Tip #1: Understanding How Twitter Works

Anyone that has a Twitter account is able to leave a message that other people can see, but then the people who see these messages are able to “re-tweet” them to their followers and even reply to your messages.

If you respond to someone’s message, your Twitter name will be shown with a @ preceding it. Anyone can view these responses unless you choose to respond via private direct message instead. You can use Twitter on your computer, laptop and even your mobile phone, and you can do it any time, in any location you may be.

Twitter Tip #2: Know the Reasons You’re Twittering

It is important to know why you are planning on using Twitter. Some people use Twitter for entertainment purposes only, some use it to catch up with family and friends, and others use it as a blog or even to help promote their business. If you plan on promoting your business, keep your two worlds separate by having an account for personal use as well.

When you use Twitter for business, you can keep your followers updated with sales, specials, press releases and other important information about your company.

Twitter Tip #3: Share Exciting and Interesting Content

When you’re a member of the fastest growing social network, your content will be available to millions of people and businesses alike. There is a competition for followers among entertainers, businesses and bloggers too.

If you want to attract these followers, you have to create content that people will be interested in, even more important, you want content that will attract the followers that will be interested in your blog, business or you.

Anything to get your followers interested enough to Re-Tweet is a good thing! Practicing is the best way to get a handle on the 140 character restriction.


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