Top 5+ Best Twitter Tips & Tricks

Twitter Tip #4: Make Twitter do the Work

You can use Twitter as a resource for your business, blog or personal life. If you want to use it to benefit you, you can research the most effective ways to use Twitter on Twitter itself!

Getting out there and leaving comments on other Twitter member’s status updates, bringing attention to yourself and collecting more followers in the process will help you to build your brand and get more followers. You can also use Twitter to search for what others are interested in.

Twitter Tip #5: Online Safety and Privacy

Just as with a diary, it is important to decide just how open you want to be online. You might forget that people are actually reading the messages you send on Twitter and other social networking sites, but they are! Though Twitter may seem to be “laid-back” and open, it is important to make sure that you don’t reveal too much.

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You can change your settings to only allow friends and family to see your posts by clicking on “preferences”. If you’re uncomfortable with the world seeing too much private information, you need to change these settings or keep yourself from posting pictures of your family and children, using your first and last name, or talking about the community you live in.

Twitter Tip #6: Understanding How Twitter Works

Anyone that has a Twitter account is able to leave a message that other people can see, but then the people who see these messages are able to “re-tweet” them to their followers and even reply to your messages. If you respond to someone’s message, your Twitter name will be shown with a @ preceding it. Anyone can view these responses unless you choose to respond via private direct message instead.

You can use Twitter on your computer, laptop and even your mobile phone, and you can do it any time, in any location you may be.


Now that you’ve learned some of the most important tips and tricks about the fastest-growing social networking site, you just might be ready or tempted to jump in and get started right now!

Remember, if you are or will be a heavy twitter user you should consider using a twitter app — for instance an instant on twitter desktop or mobile application that will work for not only Twitter but with many other social media accounts. For example, two of the most popular social media desktop clients are Tweetdeck & Hootsuite which started out as twitter only desktop clients but now offer Facebook and LinkedIn accessibility as well.

When you use these desktop applications you do not have to open a browser, go to twitter and then login which is a 3 step process. All you have to do is launch the application from your desktop, laptop or mobile device.

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Also, make sure to have fast internet connectivity so that you will be able to take on the load of heavy bandwidth that comes with a twitter account. To be able to upload videos, images and instantly chat takes a lot of bandwidth. Right now, AT&T is offering incredible savings on their internet services; review these promotions by going to At&t uverse coupon codes . Happy Tweeting !!


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