Top 5 Fantastic Twitter Apps (Voted Best in 2013)

It’s been seven years and it is clear that Twitter is one of the most important social media platforms there is, and it keeps growing. As with most such platforms, its value is underestimated by many, because it is seen as a simple teen and young adult social network when in fact it’s a quick and effective marketing avenue for your business. But how can you use this social media site to your advantage effectively and quickly? Simple. By using Twitter Management tools that do the job for you.

With such a vast number of Twitter apps available today, it can be a great challenge to find the apps those fit all (or, most) of your requirements. Everyone wants to gain more followers on Twitter, but it is important to understand that not every twitter app is for everybody. But respective of whether you are a power Twitter user or just tweet on the weekends, there is a twitter management app (twitter client app) for you to help you use Twitter like a Pro.

#1 Social Sprout

This is quite a nifty social media tool used for multiple profile management and combines many features such as analytics (since it offers reports, saves up to 40 Social Network Profiles, analyzes account details, follow and unfollow numbers not only for Twitter but for other platforms), social media publishing (you can simultaneously post to several different accounts directly from your Social Sprout interface), team management and the possibility of seeing Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds altogether in one single rolling screen.

It also offers quick scores that show exactly how you are communicating with your followers on Twitter (but also on other platforms) and these scores reflect the effectiveness of your messages and how it influences your business. Another interesting feature is the Discovery tab which can offer users overviews of those Twitter accounts you are suggested to follow according to previous interests, but also those you could mark as spammers.

#2 HootSuite

The second Twitter tool that seems to work ideally is HootSuite, a Tweeter client that provides easily understandable features. Setting up the account and adding social media profiles is children’s play. In spite of being able to connect unlimited social profiles to HootSuite, the client opens each individual network in a different tab, so that viewing them simultaneously on the same screen is not possible. File sharing is also extremely simple when using this Twitter client, since each file receives an assigned link and can be viewed by the hosting servers.

A particular feature of HootSuite is the possibility of adding team members to an account (one at the moment, but this makes things significantly easier when you use this client for marketing and business purposes) in the pro version. The client enables you to keep 10 streams open simultaneously, retweet, mark, and favorite tweets and send emails all from the same screen. As opposed to Sprout Social which comes as a 30 day free trial, HootSuite offers a free account that provides the user with the possibility of adding 5 social networks, 2 RSS profiles, analytics and scheduling. For the beginner these features may be enough until things seem familiar enough to evolve.

#3 SocialOomph

As the third tool in our list, SocialOomph is certainly well worth mentioning when it comes to Twitter account management apps. Users describe it as the most flexible tool that enables tweet scheduling (since you can choose specific hours, number of minutes, hours, days and even weeks ahead before of the actual post). And once you have saturated your system with tweets, you can also choose to spread them across days and times as you see fit.

Also, it offers some great tricks when it comes to following, unfollowing or simply gaining some insight about your followers. Vetting followers for instance shows you users who recently became your followers and gives you the possibility of following them in return by analyzing different information, for instance when they joined Twitter, how many times they post, if and how many followers they have, and even users who ignored them.

#4 TweetDeck

Everybody who is anybody on Twitter seems to be using this amazing tool, and who can blame them. TweetDeck has a sleek interface which is extremely user friendly. Moreover, developers offer support and help with every issue. The only thing I didn’t appreciate about Tweetdeck is the fact that pop-up notifications sometimes obstruct my desktop. If you are a business person, who needs to remain connected to his social media account 24/7, Tweetdeck is the ideal choice for you.

#5 Bit.ly

You would think that bit.ly is nothing more than a URL shortening service or something of the sort, but it isn’t. I’ve recently found out about this great tool which can be linked into Seesmic, Twitterfeed and Tweeteck, and it will show you a lot of stats for links that you share. What it does, is basically to shorten links, but it will also let you share them with the help of an intuitive dashboard. As an added bonus, you can create your unique short link that will match the name of your brand.

You can of course combine all the features of these clients since all of them provide a service that can only compliment your endeavors of perfecting your social media presence. It all comes down to the amount of work you are willing to put into it because when it comes down to it, even if it seems like some work to get the hang of all this, your efforts will not remain fruitless, so keep it up and you will see results in no time.

Author Bio: Anna Robeson is fascinated with Google+, Twitter and Facebook. She loves to read about anything related to social media and technology. She advises people to visit digitalnetagency.com for more information about SEO and social media.

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  1. Raj kumar says:

    Hi Asha, this apps are really fantastic and useful too. Thanks for sharing.
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  2. Arbaz Khan says:

    Nice list there.
    However you missed out on one of the best apps.
    I am using Plume app on my Android phone to access and manage my twitter account and it is one of the best that I have used.
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  3. Bipin Pant says:

    hi Asha,
    really nice post and yes twitter is the basic need for all social networking lovers.
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  4. Sandeep says:

    First, i believed in Social media, and work continuously on too many social networks and also get good response but i didn’t get that response continuously. I will follow your idea and tell you the results


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