Top 5 FREE Online Survey Creation Tools to Earn Money Online

Best 5 Ways To Make Money via Online Surveys

Search for “Ways to make money online” and you’ll find millions of so called tips. But today, I’m going to talk about a related topic of online surveys, that are often used to gauge the opinions of people on different subjects, and can be excellent means to earn decent dollars online and yet is often neglected as a viable alternative.

The advantages of using the Internet in these matters are evident. First, the low cost because there is no need to use an outside company if you do not want, second immediacy because the results are still in situ , third much higher participation if it knows how to reach users choice service and fourth simplicity because the tools available on the network are not difficult to use.That said, let’s see as the different quality options available to us on the Internet to create a survey and earn money online.

Google Docs

The search giant has its own generator hidden in Google Docs surveys – using which you can build your own survey without spending any money and with very little effort and time. To perform one of these surveys you have to go to Google Docs and create a new document form — and the rest is accomplished by following the easy steps that are marked by adding responses to each new row. At the end of the process it generates a code that we embed in a web page for example so that everyone can respond.

The advantage of this method is that it is very easy to do and like many other Google tools, you can track the results from a spreadsheet that can also lead to a graph to taste, all without leaving Google Docs. In contrast, the results are not always reliable because nothing prevents duplicate voting.


Social networking is another ideal place for surveys where there is more contact with other users on the network. And if we talk about the most important community that exists today on the Internet, Facebook should be a priority. Therefore, in the portal there is a tool called Poll for Facebook that is free and consists of three steps:

1. Create the description and the title. At this time we also define the options and edit the text to our liking
2. Include possible questions and answers
3. Network share


Google+ does not yet have any utility to do surveys, but as in the previous case should have some method of consultation with users on a network that generates great exchange of information among its members. In this case, and while awaiting an API that allows apps to include surveys, best practice is that some users begin to use: write a post on the stream on a point (with the option of commenting disabled), and quickly added possible answers in your own publication comments making it clear that everyone does +1 in the response with which you disagree.

Yes, it is a rudimentary but effective technique, although there may be errors if one user decides to vote in several answers at once. In any case we could do a trace to find the matching user through the various responses, a task that seems cumbersome if there were many participants.


Perhaps one of the best places to do a quick poll is the microblogging network, which is aimed at brief and hurried conversations. In fact, there are many options if we decide to use the platform of the blue bird, but we will talk about that we think is the best at this time — Pollowers.

Once you enter the account of Twitter in Pollowers website, you have to create the survey with the question and possible answers and send it to Twitter. The best thing about this development is that it has a function for which other users can return to share the survey with their followers with what the data are amplified.


We end our review by focusing on two quick survey services more generally:

– Twtpoll was designed at first for Twitter but can be extended to our Facebook and Gmail contacts. Some functions are extra service though.

– Quipol is designed for a very specific type of survey that requires only two possible answers. Since the website is tailored to the survey you can participate in other’s surveys as well. It also allows sharing on Twitter and Facebook Analysis.

As you can see the online survey creation options are varied and the employment system as well. If you are faced with the need to make an opinion poll ever, remember that the Internet offers the most powerful of all space to do so, especially if the surveys are integrated with social networks.

Guest Author: Asher ross is an expert technical writer from UK with expertise in writing articles over UK Web Hosting Mac OS, Apple, Mobile and UK cloud hosting technology.


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