Top 7 Amazing Tips to Get Most Out of Pinterest

Before we get started with this Ultimate List of Pinterest Tips, just a quickie about why you should be using Pinterest in the first place! It may seem like just another social media site to any newbie. But whether you are new to Pinterest or a heavy professional user, what makes Pinterest special is the simple and elegant user interface. It comes with the unlimited possibility of using the functionality of the site that is only limited by a user’s imagination!

People have been using post-it notes on their refrigerators and office desks for years! Imagine a wonderfully implemented digital version of those notes with a new perspective. Instead of notes there are pictures! Kids make science fair projects on card boards, college going students may need to organize their lectures and reminders a bit more effectively, and companies need to organize their project tasks in a simpler form. All of this can be achieved through Pinterest easily! Although it’s fun to just pin whatever pictures that grab your attention it’d be a whole different ball game for people with an idea in their minds. Like promoting their products, creating an online collaborative art project or even just planning a trip for next vacation.

How to Really Make Pinterest Work for You?

Though this social network appears to be dominated by women, it is really becoming obvious that there is more to gain from pinning “pinteresting” items. Already, Pinterest is proven to be an effective driver of web traffic for websites and blogs. Little wonder, the social network is exploding like fireworks. If you have similar interests, you like surfing a lot and come across many interesting and noteworthy pictures or even videos during your time on internet; you can create a great visual blog using Pinterest. You can become a popular and successful Pinner by just keeping these simple Pinterest tips and tactics in mind:

1. Fit in But Stand out

Sounds contradictory? Not really! When you are promoting your company’s product or your blogs on Pinterest you should keep in mind that just like any other strategy of web promotion you will generate interest only if you are serving them the dish they want to eat! Research properly on who is using Pinterest and why? Create your boards according to that. That being said, you must also be careful that you don’t fall into a rut. Give them what they want but be creative and most importantly be genuine. Create a board that stands out but serves well to the right Pinners.

2. Make Pour Pins a Visual Treat

Nobody would like to see a poorly designed board or a photograph! Make sure that you pin quality content but do it in a beautiful wrapper. Visually compelling pins will make other visitors follow you or even like you and that will increase your network on Pinterest. You can include pics of your inventory or key people of your company or people at work or even videos in you pins.

3. Pinterest SEO

It’s all nice and dandy that you pin photographs but to make your pins more searchable don’t forget to include a small description nicely put together and an appropriate title.

4. Organize Your Boards

People just don’t pin random pics all the time. You can create your boards with a theme in mind and then organize all your boards in categories which will make them easier to find by users interested in those categories. Well arranged boards are easier to maintain as well as easier to be found by others.

5. Contribution in Pinterest Community

Self-promoting is not strictly banned on Pinterest but beware of overdose! You can promote as much as you like but also swim in the main stream by contributing back to the Pinterest community. Your products maybe great but if you come across other pins that interest you and are related to your pins you can re-pin or like or even follow them. Comment on pins that you find interesting or mention other pins in your comments. You can also collaborate your boards with other users. It will give out a message that you are not here only to self-brag but to mix in and grow.

6. Share Pins

If you have a larger fan base or followers on twitter or Facebook you can take advantage of that while you are using Pinterest. You can share your pins over there to make your marketing grow threefold.

7. Keep Yourself Updated

Make constant efforts to find out latest trends and topics in discussion and in general hot stuff going on over Pinterest. Refresh or redesign your boards according to that to attract the buzz. There is a facility on Pinterest called “Popular”. You can find latest pins from here and the redesign your boards. A picture speaks a thousand words! Make the most of Pinterest by a little care on your side and using these simple tips!

Author Bio: The author is a webmaster of, a web store expert in developing Magento Extensions. He also likes learning new ways for internet marketing and contributes to the community of social media web promotion very actively. His interests include writing blogs about SEO, web marketing strategies and Magento. Connect with him on Facebook.


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