TweetDeck Sheds Beta Tag, Arrives in Android Market

Although TweetDeck is saying it’s “been a crazy couple months,” the wait is finally over and today the company is taking TweetDeck for Android out of beta and releasing it into the Android Market. The full app is now available free-of-charge in the Android Market for all to download, enjoy, and tweet away.

TweetDeck Sheds Beta Tag, Arrives in Android Market

The release appears to be for the most part the same as the most recent beta release of the app, which, by the way, you will want to uninstall before downloading the final release from the market. The new version won’t overwrite the beta and you will be dealing with the confusion of two identical applications.

TweetDeck even notes that more than 36,000 users joined the TweetDeck beta. TweetDeck also says that new versions of its iPhone and iPad apps are in the works and will be modeled after the Android version. TweetDeck for Android will handle more than Twitter, bringing the ability to post and receive updates from Facebook, Buzz and Foursquare as well.

TweetDeck  for Android has lots of the features TweetDeck users will be used to, like user searches, but it groups multiple columns on your desktop into one home column on your phone.  Scroll over, and you get a ‘me’ column, with all of your recent activity and replies, and scroll across again for DMs.

Head to the Android Market and download TweetDeck if you use any or all of the following social networking services – Twitter,  Facebook, Foursquare and/or Google Buzz. Updates from each client are viewable using the blended Home and Me columns so it’s a breeze to stay connected without hopping from app to app.  Watch a video after the break to see how TweetDeck works! If you’ve been waiting for TweetDeck for Android to arrive, take a look at the intro video below:

Android TweetDeck Demo Video

If you already had a beta version of TweetDeck installed, uninstall it before downloading TweetDeck 1.0. Android users! Have you switched? How is it for you?


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