Voice Feature for Twitter goes into Beta – Beginning of a New War with FaceBook?

A small IP communications firm Jajah Inc. has launched a tool that lets Twitter users communicate via voice and rolled out it beta version 3 days back on 17th of Sept. While it would be interesting to see whether twitter fans would accept/reject this tiny little service that is designed to provide short tweet like phone calls among twitter users and is meant to be compatible with any Twitter platform; be it a Computer or a Mobile phone . This FREE service, [email protected] is developed to lunch short 2 minutes bi-way voice chats with any other Twitter user, even without knowing the other’s phone number. This anonymity of the voice call is actually the core concept that can attract twitter fans.

Here is how it works:

  • To use this new service, you need to be a user of Jajah (and of course Twitter).
  • And the person receiving the voice twitter call has to be following the person making the call.Voice Feature for Twitter

However, here is what Dan Olds, an analyst at Gabriel Consulting Group said on this new service.

“Essentially, this is adding Skype-like functionality to Twitter. If this catches on, further developments might include the ability for Twitterers to call all of their followers, which would certainly make it a lot easier for them to stream their every thought and activity without even having to take the trouble to type. That will certainly be something to behold and perhaps a sign of the apocalypse.”

Interestingly enough while all of this is happening, earlier this week, Vivox, a Boston based Video Game Voice enabling Company hinted that they have apparently teamed up with FaceBook and currently designing an application that should empower FaceBook users (both individuals and groups) to have voice chats online. And this revolutionary apps is being designed to add a new dimension to online communication and meeting.

I don’t want to be judgmental just yet and doubt the effectiveness of these 2 services that are going to be rolled out from the 2 giant names in Social Media – Twitter and FaceBook. But the timing of their release makes me feel as if suddenly the Social Media have decided to shift their focus from text and raring to go Vocal! However, the time would say if these new services could woo the users and prove to be the must-have features for the Social Media junkies. What do you think? Do you think that voice is going to be the new face of social media?

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