Guide: How to Format Windows 10 Hard Drive Without Losing Data

Why Do You Need a Windows 10 partition Software?

Most Personal Computers (PCs) come with just a single partition on their hard drive from the factory. But it might be a good idea to partition the hard drive and split the physical hard drive into multiple independent logical partitions. For instance, segregating your personal data like photos videos and files, applications, and the operating system on different partitions can protect you against data loss caused by partition’s index file corruption. Partitioning can also help in situations when you encounter operating system crashes. Having non OS files and data on separate partitions can be really handy in such cases.

If you are using Windows and recently upgraded to Windows 10, your system partition might have run out of space after Windows 10 upgrade. Resizing the hard drive partitions can solve this problem and a Windows 10 partition software can help you a lot to manage your hard drive partitions.

How to Partition Windows 10 Using Default Disk Management

Unless you know already, Disk Management is a 100% free partition management tool that comes bundled with Windows 10. As always, remember to take backup your hard drive data before you proceed to partition your Windows 10 hard disk drive and then follow the following steps:

1. Search for “hard disk partitions” at the Start Menu or Search tool in your Windows 10 PC and then open it to launch the Windows 10 Disk Management interface.

2. Right click on hard disk and then select “Shrink Volume“. Then enter the amount of HDD space that you want to shrink in MB and click on the Shrink button.

3. Now, right click on the unallocated disk space and then select “New Simple Volume”.

4. In this screen, enter New Simple Volume Wizard interface by clicking Next and then specify volume size.

5. Assign Drive Letter or Path, and format the partition selecting default file system NTFS. Click Finish to complete creating of a new partition in Windows 10.

You can create more hard disk partitions on your Windows 10 PC by repeating the above steps.

A Much Simpler Way to Partition Windows 10 Free

Even for seasoned PC users, dealing with Windows’ default Disk Management tool may sometimes appear a bit cumbersome and complex. Thankfully a much easier method is offered by EaseUS Partition Master Free. This awesome tool lets you to partition Windows 10 free without much technical knowhow and a few simple clicks.

1. Download and launch EaseUS Partition Master Free on your Windows 10 computer.

2. Select the unused / unallocated disk space on your Windows 10 P. Right click and choose “Create partition“. If you want to perform other operation, select the respective button on the interface in order to manage partition.

3. Click on “Apply“. That’s it! Your partitions are created on Windows 10 for free and without much hassle.

EaseUS Partition Master Free offers some additional features that Disk Management tool that comes with Windows doesn’t. These features include: merge partition, move partition, copy dynamic volume/copy partition, extend/shrink FAT, hide partition and create WinPE bootable disk etc.

Tell us which free Windows HDD partition tool you like using in the comments section below.



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