1080p HD Is Coming to YouTube

In recent past, 1080p camcorders have found their way into more consumers’ hands. Interestingly now YouTube will allow people to take advantage of all those pixels. Starting next week, the HD options on the popular video sharing site will include both 720p and 1080p, provided the original source allows it.

Youtube suggests viewers with big monitors and a fast computer to try switching to 1080p to get the most out of the fullscreen experience. There is a test video already up here. Performance seems to be good, but it doesn’t look tremendously different from current YouTube HD offerings.

1080p HD Is Coming to YouTube

If you have an HD camera, YouTube would like you upload some 1080p video. They will be highlighting some of the best footage on the front page soon.  If you shoot HD video, will you take the extra time to upload your videos in 1080p? For all those still stuck with a slowish internet connection, how do you think that this is going to affect you?


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