3M MD6000 Mobile ID Reader Enables Quick Security Checks

3M’s new Mobile ID Reader scans MRZ and RF chip data from passports and visas and immediately checks them against local or international watch lists by using wifi or GSM/GPRS EDGE networks. The idea is to scan your identification quickly to prove your credentials to be in a certain locale.

3M MD6000 Mobile ID Reader For Quick Security Checks

This lightweight handheld device comes with five data capture modes for complete ease. Users can effortlessly validate several types of ID while in the field by utilizing this latest offering. It subsumes applications for border management, law enforcement and transportation. Owners are proffered with versatility for cost-effective mobile identification of individuals.

The Mobile ID Reader boasts an 8GB capacity, so when hackers crack the “encrypted formats feature,” they’ll have access to tons of personal and privileged data. Other features include a sunlight-safe touchscreen and a capacitive fingerprint sensor. It runs on Windows Mobile 6 and features WiFi, GSM/GPRS EDGE and a fingerprint sensor.

Equipped with readers for optical character recognition, the model features three-track magnetic stripes, contactless RF chips and contact chips in addition to an optical, single fingerprint capture peripheral. After capturing the data, it encrypts and relays this information through wireless Bluetooth technology to users’ existing portable processing platform like a laptop, a smartphone or a tablet PC.

Furthermore, it renders the ability to make real-time and field-based operational decisions. The newest 3M MD6000 mobile ID reader is slated to be commercially available beginning early 2011. Let’s just hope it’s thoroughly encrypted. We wouldn’t want all that scanned info slipping out.


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