5 Features That’ll Improve MS Word 2010 [Wishlist]

If you had a chance to try out Office 2010 Beta, you would know that there’s plenty of changes in Microsoft Word 2010. While it would be easy to dismiss the following five, they could noticeably improve your experience of the software. Here are five little features that will improve Word 2010 for users:

Five little features that will improve Word 2010 for users

1. The Navigation Pane, a souped-up version of the old Document Map, that lets you navigate by headings or thumbnails but also find words and phrases and highlights them in the map and the document.

2. The right-click menu has a Style gallery that lets you quickly set the style of a paragraph or selection.

3. If you want to illustrate a document with screenshots, Insert Screenshot will show you previews of all the other windows currently open on your screen and let you insert them with a single click rather than having to switch to that window, take a snapshot using , switch back to Word and paste the image in manually.

4. The new Picture Layout command puts a picture in your document into a Smart Art diagram ready for you to type the accompanying text around it.

5. Smart Art has great new diagram types, including several different Organisation Charts – with or without pictures or job titles – and you can easily add extra assistant shapes and arrange the charts as you want them.

What features would you wish to see being added to MS Word 2010? 🙂


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