5 Reasons Microsoft Zune HD can make Apple iPod feel Envious

If you are a Microsoft Zune HD user then this post is going to give you more reasons to feel proud about your portable music/video/mp3 player. And like many others, if you are an Apple iPod fan then this post is going to make you feel jealous. I’ve used them both and though I loved them both for different reasons, you can still safely call me an iPod fan. But don’t be surprised when this “self identified iPod fan” goes ahead and writes a post on how Microsoft Zune HD is possibly better than Apple iPod and has ability to give it stiff competition. Without much ado, here are the top 5 reasons why I think that MS Zune HD is much more superior than good old Apple iPod:

5 Reasons Microsoft Zune HD can make Apple iPod feel Envious

1. It’s all there in the name: The Microsoft Zune HD offers access to high – definition (HD) content. If you beieve Microsoft, that’s “better-than-DVD-quality video.”

2. It has a touch-screen: You may argue that – even iPod has touch and is the pioneer of  touch-screen music players. But Zune HD’s touch screen is  much more intuitive than iPod touch’s.

3. The price is right: Zune is cheaper than iPOD. The Microsoft Zune HD starts at $219.99 for the 16-GB model while Apple’s iPod touch starts at $229 for the 8-GB model.

4. Microsoft Zune HD packs a processing punch: The Zune HD is powered by Nvidia’s low-power Tegra System-on-Chip.

5. Zune is more than just music and HD video: Yes, the Microsoft Zune HD can hold up to five hours of high-definition video, 22 hours of standard-definition video, 4,000 songs or 25,000 pictures in the 16-GB model and 10 hours of high-def video, or 48 hours of standard-definition video, 8,000 songs or 25,000 pictures in the 32-GB model, but the compact device packs in a host of other features as well. The Microsoft Zune HD also ties in an HD Radio receiver, built-in Wi-Fi and a Web browser.

While surely there are advantages of Apple iPod Touch too and probably I can write up another post about how it can make Microsoft Zune HD feel envious, lets admit that it is a close race. But technically, the latest Zune is a smartly designed, well-executed device that keeps a sharp focus on music, video, and the Web. And it’s the best non-Apple PMP you’ll find. So which of these pocket-size media powerhouses is right for you? Microsoft Zune HD or Apple iPod Touch 😉


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