After Apple Killed It, Steve Jobs Doll Sells For $2,500 On eBay

One of those Steve Jobs action figures that got so much press last month has been sold online on eBay for a whooping $2,500. The Steve Jobs Action Figure, you may recall, was hand-painted doll that had made so many Apple fanboys excited about it until Apple complained to M.I.C Gadget — its Chinese manufacturer. Predictably, Apple’s cease-and-desist order has turned the $99 action figure into a collectible.

After Apple Killed It, Steve Jobs Doll Sells For $2,500 On eBay

The complaint had stated that the toy constituted an unauthorized use of a person’s name or likeness and Apple threatened to sue the manufacturers under California Civil Code Section 3344. And just two days after the sales had begun, the sales of this SJ Action figure was halted. The detailed Jobsian likeness, standing upon an Apple logo platform, was originally sold for $79.90 USD.

M.I.C Gadget, the toy’s Chinese manufacturer, has already announced officially that it has discontinued the product after selling out its first batch of only 300 pieces.

So obviously only 300 were made, and as it appears, they’ve started to show up on eBay. However, there was only one bid — for the full asking price if $2,500 and it was sold before a second buyer could even bid.

The ultra-rare collectible is getting a huge boost in market value now that obsessed Macheads are actually willing to fork over a hefty ransom for their very own Steve Jobs figurine. If you are an Apple fanboy and want to grab one of these “rare” collectibles then here is another chance — here is yet another seller who is asking a starting bid (Buy It Now Price) of $2,500 USD for the same mini Steve on Ebay here. At the moment of writing the bid was still open at — Time left: 12h 10m 38s (Dec 20, 201013:15:26 PST). Good luck!


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