Algoriddim Djay App For iPad Will Rock Your Next Party

I’m not a musician, nor am I a DJ; but I love parties and love to try my hands on music DJ apps whenever I spot one. So when I saw Algoriddim Djay App for iPad on the Apple iTunes App Store, I couldn’t stop myself from checking it out. And what I found out is pure brilliance and bound to amaze any music lover and party buff with a mixmaster fantasy!

Algoriddim Djay App For iPad Will Rock Your Next Party

In the past, iPad has been played in live concert where a famous Pianist played the ‘Flight Of The Bumblebee’ on the iPad, but with this  Algoriddim Djay App you can turn your iPad into a DJ station! The app offers a double-turntable-style user interface with realistic-sounding record-scratching sound effects and direct access to the device’s iTunes music library. The app responds beautifully, and album art even turns on the turntables.

In addition, users can record their own mixes, perform live, or set the app to Automix Mode so that it blends the iTunes library into a continuous mix with automatic transitions. In Automix Mode, the app can be run in the iPad’s background while users perform other tasks. Djay for iPad costs $19.99, and is compatible with iPads running iOS 4.2.

UI-wise, it’s clear where the guys at Algoriddim got their inspiration, as the Djay app essentially turns your entire iPad’s screen into a virtual DJ rig. It’s got two decks with waveform overviews above, a crossfader in the middle, as well as individual channel mixers, volume controls, and pitch blend sliders. Another nifty design touch is that the needle can me moved to seek within a track, and it moves inward as the track progresses. There’s also an “Automix” button front and center, as well as cueing buttons below the decks.

Djay for iPad – The full-fledged iPad DJ App by Algoriddim [Video Demo]

With a killer interface that’s not too cluttered, it’s sure to catch anyone’s attention and make them want to play. However, the iPad’s 256MB of RAM make it difficult to use for extended periods of time. Still, with tons of features in the pipeline and a rock solid user experience, we’d recommend this one to anyone who’s got the $20 to spare and a desire to get the party started.

Djay might not teach you every trick on the scene, but it could set you on the right track. It’s an extremely impressive display of what the iPad’s still capable of doing, as well as a clever use of the screen/finger real estate. And now we have even more reasons to believe and accept that Apple iPad is arguably the ultimate “iPad Killer”!


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