Amazon App Store For Android LIVE NOW! Can It Challenge Google’s Android Market?

We’ve been anticipating this for quite some time and the Amazon App Store for Android is finally LIVE! And it looks like the Amazon App Store has launched with around 3,800 apps, which includes both free and paid apps. Whether the Amazon App Store will become a success remains to be seen, but with Amazon scoring major titles exclusively like Angry Birds Rio, we suspect that the app store will become popular with Android fans.

The store itself will provide a genuine rival to the official Android Market, which is allowed under Google’s terms and conditions. However, Amazon Appstore will have a defined approval process for apps, making it more like Apple’s App Store than Google’s Android Market.

While the Android Market lets users download free and paid applications, the Amazon Appstore will let users test applications they’re interested in on a simulated Android phone. Customers access the application simulation through their computer using a mouse. The company calls this feature ‘Test Drive‘.

With Test Drive, consumers can decide if they like the application before bothering to download it. This is an intelligently designed feature distinction from Google’s own Android Market. is also offering another perk to bring users into the Appstore. Amazon has partnered with Rovio Mobile and it’s already been announced that the paid version of Angry Birds – as well as the game’s official Rio tie-in – will bypass Android Market (initially at least) and debut on Amazon Appstore. It’ll be interesting to see how many more popular apps follow suit.

Customers can buy applications in the Appstore in two ways. Users may buy applications through their computer’s Web browser, or through an Amazon Appstore application they may download to their Android phones or tablets. Moreover, the Amazon Appstore will offer customers a paid application for free every day.

On the flip side, Apple doesn’t seem to be too happy with Amazon’s decision to call their store as ‘Appstore‘! And Apple has in fact filed suit against for trademark infringement, claiming ownership of the App Store name. We will keep our fingers crossed as this conflict unfolds. In the mean time, what do you think about this Amazon’s App Store for Android?


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