AMD’s New Generation Fusion Microprocessors Aim To Transform Your Computer Into A ‘Supercomputer’

Global chip-maker AMD (Advance Micro Devices) today announced the launch of a new chipset that offers next generation technology with higher computing speed and better graphics quality than its predecessors. The new ‘Fusion’ processors incorporate a graphics card (GPU) and microprocessor (CPU) on a single chip, allowing computer-makers to develop new form factors for devices which will be as powerful as ‘supercomputers‘.

AMD claimed that Fusion has the capability to handle multi-core processors and ultimate graphics on a single chip. Fusion platform has a graphics card (GPU) and microprocessor (CPU) incorporated on it. Fusion platform uses multi-core CPU (x86) technology with a powerful DirectX 11-capable graphics.

AMD Fusion marks third era of computing and can be considered as a biggest shift in PC technology after the launch of x86 processors,” said Ravi Swaminathan, managing director and regional vice-president, Sales and Marketing, AMD India.

One of the key features of the new chipset is its AllDay Power” capability, which enables usage of computers for more than 10 hours on a single charge. Thus the new processor’s power-saving feature would be a boon for users who were increasingly seeking richer graphic content on the Internet.

The APUs also include a dedicated high-definition video acceleration block and a high-speed bus that transmits data across differing types of processor cores within the same design.

The concept of synergizing the CPU and GPU has been intriguing right from the start. APU designs enable an amazing experience in any form factor, and are designed to provide significant advantages in power and design simplicity over competing multi-chip solutions,” said, Manju Hegde, corporate vice president, Fusion Experience Research Program.

The first arrivals include the E and C series APUs, codenamed Zacate and Ontario respectively.

– E-Series (Zacate): 18W TDP, Core speeds of about 1.6GHz, for notebooks and compact desktops

– C-Series (Ontario): 9W TDP, Core speeds of about 1.2GHz, for netbooks.

AMD Fusion is aimed at eliminating the need for consumers to choose between power and performance… This will also allow AMD’s partners to offer exciting new form factors on a robust computing platform. The AMD fusion software partners include Adobe, Arcsoft, Microsoft, Nero, Corel, Divx, Motion PSP etc.


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