Apple BlackFriday Offer Confirmed: Heavy Discounts on MacBook, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple Accessories

We had predicted this a couple of days back  and now Apple has confirmed the news. They are going to give some really cool discounts on their product, this BlackFriday. iOS devices, iPads, iMacs, MacBook Pros and Airs are on discounts in the Apple store.

Apple BlackFriday Offer Confirmed Heavy Discounts on MacBook, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple Accessories

The thanksgiving is only a day away and Apple has already announced the discounts on its products (selected). The MacBook Air and iMac are $101 off, iPad is $41 off (so you can get the 16GB WiFi version for $458 before tax), the pretty expensive to start with 2TB Time Capsule is $51 off (so $448), and the 1TB version and the iPod Touch are $21 off – everything else is either $5 or $11 off.

Now, some of them (you know, haters are gonna hate it anyway) call it lame discount for thanksgiving and it is not even 10% and stuff. But give it a thought. The company never gave such deals on their main iOS products in the past and they have decided to give something this thanksgiving.

I think Apple is evolving to be more customer friendly. And if you are still not satisfied with these offers (may be the best offer), bang your head and buy the full priced items later on.  DO share your opinions on Apple’s first time ever BlackFriday deals on their iOS gadgets.


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